Persopolis – The story of the Islamic Revolution

One of the most poignant books even written (er, drawn) ,Persepolis is an autobiographical graphic novel that is an Iranian perspective of the Islamic Revolution. Told from the point of view of Marjane when she was a child, it covers the events, the Shah’s deposition, the 1950s coup to replace the prime minister, Saavak and finally the revolution, that turned Islamic with the coming of Khomeini.With simple lines splashed with stark black and white color, the pages flow with ease and like life itself, are both witty and hilarious, and at some scenes gut wrenchingly real. In Satrapi’s book, the personal is political and the political is personal.

The book starts with the young Marjane in school ordered to wear veils and separate herself from the boys in her class. Being in a French Ecole, they first try to laugh it off by playing around with it and making fun of strict religious teachers. It sees her progressively witnessing the protests, the murders of close relatives and friends, the strict regulation by the state and finally, exile.

Below is a sample page

Sample from Persopolis

Since we may or may not go to war with Iran, this is a easy primer of reading up history (though please don’t take it for objective history, we already have folks with little knowledge being crazy ideologues, we seriously don’t need anymore!).

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