Captain Planet

Hey everyone I’m Kagehime. 🙂 That’s Japanese for shadow princess. Well this is my first post.

Anyone watch Captain Planet as a child? I did and it made me think I was an environmentalist, not that I knew that word back then. I knew for sure that littering was wrong and pollution was bad. But what I didn’t notice on the show was that the villians never went to jail. They were never officially caught so the Planeteers had to stop them over and over again. It seems kind of like real life to me where the bad guys always get off, because there wasn’t enough evidence. Except for in the show the villians are always stopped during the act and they are always polluting and breaking laws you would think they would get caught sometime.

But no they are not caught. Maybe its because Captain Planet has a green mullet…, but then again what would hair have to do with catching villians?

Captain Planet


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