Slavery in Xmen


In Xmen the animated series, that ran from 1992 to 1997 on Fox Kids there were several incidences of slavery. There is even a mention of a love slave and this show was targeted to children.

In the episode slave island in the first season, Gambit, Storm and Jubilee go to Genosha where they are forced to become slaves. They are also forced to wear slave collars which show up in later episodes.

In captive hearts in season one Callisto of the Morlocks tries to keep Cyclops as a love slave. She says that she wants a strong man who doesn’t nessarily have to fight, because all she wants from him is an heir. Children don’t know what love slaves are and don’t need to know about them either.

It’s good for children to know about slavery and that its wrong, but they shouldn’t know about love slaves. Mostly that went over the heads of children, but is it a good thing to show kids something over their head in cartoon? Its fine for a cartoon that is not targeted to children, but X-men is.

Was X-men originally supposed to target teenagers and was given a time slot for children just because it was a cartoon? It did air before adult swim, so maybe they didn’t know they could market cartoons to teenagers and adults.




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2 responses to “Slavery in Xmen

  1. Rich Breese

    Well let’s see humm! these are comic books and nothing more! Their origins had no particular references to slavery or servitude, what it was, was simple escapism. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby invented them from pure imagination. Later as with all things and the next generation that follows, they what explanations to justify the reason why and how something takes place. therefore to follow that stigma Stan Lee and David Cockrum (excuse the spelling of his last name) felt the need to place smatterings of social or political commentary. Therefore, and here it comes, prejudice and bigotry! The X-Men were different and in that sense they were not liked or understood. When something is not or understood humans have a tendency to hate it. Bingo! The X-Men become a target. During that particular story arc, when they were placed on Gensosa Island they were to be confined, kept away from the world that hated and feared them. As for Callisto simple, keep him a weapon or bargaining card. Slavery! Sure kids don’t know about so called “love slaves” at least not yet and yes inform them of what hate can do and what forced servitude does to the human spirit, even in cartoons or comic books. I don’t think the producers of the animated series had that in mind and if they did then it would not have aired. Let’s face it there is no need to read into these things and we humans have to get over the foolish idea of being so petty as to think that such references take place in animated cartoons aired on Saturday mornings.

  2. I have to tell you thats pretty good except for one fact, the photo that you have of the xmen is of the wrong time period. the animated series your talking about starting in the early 90’s with the xmens blue team if im correct and the photo you have there is from the 70’s. ( if your going to state a detail you gotta have the right pic man…)

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