Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket also known as Furuba to fans is an awesome manga in my opinion. The story and art is done by a female mangaka, under the pen name, Natsuki Takaya. And somehow she even manages to keep her real name a secret from the public in in this day and age. I mean wiki doesn’t even know.

The title of the manga comes from a game that Japanese children play. In the book the main character Honda Tohru plays the game in kindergarten. She was named the onigiri (rice ball) while all the other kids were types of fruit. A rice ball does not belong in a basket of fruit. This theme of not belonging continues throughout the manga.

At the beginning of the manga, Tohru’s mother has just died and she’s living in a tent (of all places). Eventually she comes to live with members of the Sohma family who are under a curse that makes them turn into animals when hugged, or at least very close contact, by the opposite sex. Of course this causes difficulty and hilarious scenes.

Its not the art or even the storyline that makes it one of the best manga. Its the emotion that the characters feel and the emotion that it makes the reader feel. The characters undergo so much change and slowly grow into better people in a way that the reader can understand. The reader can watch the characters grow up. The readers see some of the characters over their entire life spans while others are seen from middle school through high school and everyone knows how much people change during this time. Often the What causes them pain would cause the reader pain as well. We can all understand not fitting in. We can feel for characters that lose parents, fall in love, and who don’t fit in at home or with peers. These are some of the things we go through ourselves and we like to know its okay to feel that way. This manga was one of the most touching I’ve ever read and I’ve read quite a few. I recommend this manga for anyone who wants to read a romantic- comedy with the hardships of life that is a bit fantastical. I mean no one really turns into the animals of the zodiac when hugged or do they?

Fruits Basket is both funny and sad, and painful and enjoyable just like life. What is one of your favorite manga? How does it make you feel?



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