Streets of Rage

There are games centered around eating like Pac-man where you are supposed to eat the dots and the ghosts when they are vulnerable after eating a huge dot. There’s also Kirby who goes around eating the bad guys. In Kirby’s dreamland, the first Kirby game on the NES, the levels were all named after food like vegetable valley whether or not there was actual food in the level.

Then there are the games like Streets of Rage, on Sega Genesis, where the characters are fighters and in order to heal and get points they must eat. Random turkeys, like for thanksgiving, will come out of stuff like trash cans when you hit it. Are they so hungry that they need to eat a whole turkey?

I mean Mario has to get mushrooms, which is food or something else, look how much Yoshi eats and there are cooking games coming out like Cooking Mama Cookoff on the Wii. Are video game developers hungry or just the public? Or is food just a convenient way of gaining health?


Pic. belongs to It’s a scene from Streets of Rage 2


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