Emptiness in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Hey everyone,

Does the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have any meaning? I’m not sure, but there is at least one serious theme in it, emptiness. Emptiness is a serious Buddhist theme what’s it doing in this anime? Maybe the whole anime is more serious than we think, or not.

Anyways, Haruhi does not care for ordinary human beings. She is in search of time travelers, espers, and aliens. The rejection of humanity and everything to do with them is saying that humans are really nothing and that there is no meaning in anything they do. The search for these other types of beings is like looking for something beyond the mundane. There must be something else besides this meaningless existence.

Well other philosophies can be used to describe this anime, but then again philosophies can be weird. How about the one where everything is a fragment of our imagination and no one else is real? Maybe this became a cult hit, because it makes you wonder what exactly is going on and if there is any meaning to it. The series was run out of order and different off the wall antics happen all the time. If you’ve found any meaning in this series or think it was completely pointless go ahead and tell me.

Kagehime ; )

Haruhi Suzumiya



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7 responses to “Emptiness in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. victor

    same here i think the anime had really no point to it. at first when i watched it, i really thought it would be good but then as it went on i just stopped watching it because it felt like some one just smushed all this different stuff together. to add to that, the episodes didnt even correlate with eachother, sometimes when i watched the next episode i was sitting there thinking “what the heck is going on?”

  2. chronosonic

    Ah, but do not underestimate the meaning of art. *spoiler alert (I don’t know if this is necessary, but oh well)* For example, the first song harhui sings at the festival thing “God Knows,” describes a situation eerily similar to the events of the last episode. The festival episode is chronologically after the last episode and foreshadows an event that has technically already happened. The meaning has to be dissected like in those hated literature classes.

  3. chronosonic

    and before anyone says anything, I spelled Haruhi wrong.

  4. Kyle

    well i love this anime it is realy good btw the first episode is not reali an episode but more of just an extra and the episode realy start on episode 2. i think this is a funny and realy good anime and i am hoping that they make a new series soon ^_^

  5. kyle

    maybe it was just made purely to give entertainment if so it entertained me it was easy to understand and follow and it didn’t have boring pointless sceens like some animes i have seen

  6. dsadsasd

    The anime has a point, if you don’t see it, I’d suggest buying some intelligence.

  7. Haruhi

    Actually, there is a lot to the anime than you think. Check wikipedia. It looks confusing because the episodes were telecast in a mixed order, to increase the suspense. It’s an excellent sci-fi thriller with a very clever concept. If you felt it boring, perhaps you were half asleep when you watched it and missed the story. You just need some patience and intelligence to see the show for what it really is.

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