Top 5 reasons to come to our meeting this Tuesday

If you are from William and Mary and are browsing this site, we will give you top 5 reasons to come to our meeting this Tuesday at 7 pm in Washington 312.

Reason # 5 : See Great anime, Have a fun time!

You will get to see screenings of great anime and manga that we show in our meetings. We already have shown two Simpson episodes and the Final Fantasy movie. You could discover/reacquaint yourselves and have a fun time, relieving stress from killer 10 page papers for a hour or two.

Reason # 4 Fun Activities

William and MaryComix is organizing a lot of fun Activities the coming spring with conferences and cosplaying. Come to have a generally good time and see what we are all about.

Reason #3 Cookies and Candies

You will get free cookies on the desk with lots of seconds. If you are a hungry college student looking to chow some sweet chocolate, our club is the place to come.

Reason # 2 : You can be published in our upcoming Publication

Who knows, you may be a famous Satrapi or Stan Lee or Steven Ditco after getting your comics published in our magazine. Come to our meeting with your scribblings and sketches and let us help you with it!

Reason # 1: Meet lots of people and our awesome executive board!

New to campus? Want to meet people with similar interests? Come to our meetings and you would not be disappointed. Our executive board is one of the sweetest in the world ( and no, I am not saying that since I am part of it) but you would always be welcome, no matter who you are. We are small and close knit and would love to help you out with anything and everything.

So what are you waiting for?


*Pictures borrowed from the lovely artists and are not ours.


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