Death Note in America

Hi everyone,

Okay so now you know how Death Note affects China and Korea, but what about America (beyond Madonna)?

Well a high school student in Virginia was caught with a Death Note. Okay not a real one, but basically it was a hitlist with other students names. Here’s a link to the situation on Unfortunately someone didn’t know how to spell Japan. They wrote Japen instead. I thought someone was supposed to edit what was typed for the news networks. Apparently not. Click here.  It’s a lot of publicity for anime and manga but not in the way that anyone wants. Its probably going to end up as another ban in schools. Remember when Pokemon cards were banned?

There’s also a website for death note where you can type in how you want someone to die.  Here. Sounds scary? If you don’t want to write in it, you can read what others have written and I have to say people are mean when they can hide their identity. But then doesn’t the manga Death Note teach us that?

KagehimeDeath Note



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6 responses to “Death Note in America

  1. B

    It’s a bit on the insane side to think that kids now a days are writing down names in a fake not of death. But heres my question, is it really a hit list or is it just a list of punks that are bullying a child? Could this “death note” be nothing more then a different form of a diary? I dont think that suspending these kids for having a death note is the right thing to do. The children need to see a psychotherapist and the people listed in the book need to be watched because they are obviously doing something to deserve the hatred of others.

  2. the authorities are just power hungry.
    the only thing they should worry about is if the
    kids are getting hurt. the death note is just a lame cosplay item and has NO affect on ANYTHING.
    and who gives a fuck if it affects how people look at the show. anime is anime and noone can “ban” it because kids can watch it just as easy as if it wasnt banned. i think the show is extremely great and if kids want to make “hitlists” out of it than more power to them.

  3. kira

    i think that if us teens or who ever watches the show and wants to have a death note who cares its not a hit list its our own little world where we get to punish those who have done wrong to us whether they bully us or those we care about cause i for one am tired of being pushed around cause of my size tired of being shoved in a fucking locker and have books thrown down and being shoved in trash cans so to those of you who say its wrong to right names down in the death note fuck you because you obviously have know idea the shit that kids teens adults like me go through day by day

  4. Rha-raa

    I think..
    Death note is the firSt cool comic..
    Its so interesting..

  5. King of Fiji

    @Kira and Katz

    I’m pretty sure its better to overreact over such possible kill lists even if they are just for fun cosplay Death Notes or not because god forbid they overlook the one crazy with a good to honest kill list then watch the shit fly as someone brings a gun to school.

    Its better to be safe than sorry and I hope both of you can reflect on how mentally unsound your arguments come off as.

  6. D.

    Hm … I like Death Note, but people are just taking way too far. They honestly think a fake death note they bought is real? And honestly, this disgusts me, people have taken this series much too seriously; they need to realize that it’s /fiction/. Not real, not non-fiction.

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