Heroes recap- Sylar and Shanti Virus and Suresh…oh my!

Hello folks, it’s been awhile since I posted. However, in honor of next week’s Heroes finale, I felt I should share my thoughts on this season so far.

Well, it started off rough, even Tim Kring (the creator) admitted there had been some mistakes. Slowly but surely though, Heroes began to excel again. Take last night’s episode for example, it was packed with nail biting scenes. I nearly fell out of my chair during the final scene with Hiro and Peter. They were so close to colliding and then the screen just goes black (I felt like I was watching the Sopranos finale, but at least there’s still one more episode to show us what happens). Also, the scenes with Sylar were appealing. Now I’m no Sylar fan, I was seriously hoping Maya would not miraculously take control of her powers and stop Sylar from dying. Alas, that did not happen. Kudos though to Sylar for finally killing off Alejandro (he and his sister were seriously annoying). Now if only Maya and Sylar would get killed off, I’d have my perfect show.

All though last nights episode was filled with “What the bleeps!” Like, what kind of babysitter lets Sylar and Maya take over babysitting duty, or why Micah’s cousin (st. Joan), learned how to break into a house undetected but never how to get out of a house undetected. But the most annoying is the fact that Maya is so stupid. I’m sorry, but who are you going to trust? A strange man you just met or your brother who has looked after you for your whole life. The fact that she could suddenly ditch him and go off with Sylar even after learning Sylar was a mom killer was just too hard to believe. Hopefully she’ll come to her senses next week when Molly wakes up and shouts “you’re the dude that cut my parent’s heads off!”

Well enough ranting, what did you guys think about last night’s episode? How about the whole season so far? What do you think will happen during the finale?


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  1. nyx

    Thanks for spoiling heroes for me. But did Maya really do that? What the heck…makes no sense at all.

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