Exams and Advertisements

Hey Everyone,

Sorry no one has posted in a while. We’re all college students and it’s exam time. We’ve been studying and writing papers.

While I was supposed to be studying I managed to watch a few animes and I noticed something. There is a ridiculous amount of American advertising in new animes. In Code Geass, the character CC, orders Pizza Hut pizza all the time. And pizza hut and Coca Cola advertisements appear all throughout Darker than Black.

Then there are the fake companies based on real ones in various animes like WcDonalds and MacBonados based on McDonald’s, and Bocky based on Pocky.

Do these advertisements work or are these the most popular products in Japan? I admit I wanted some Pizza Hut pizza while I was watching Code Geass. That pizza looked good.


CC eating pizza

CC eating some Pizza Hut pizza


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One response to “Exams and Advertisements

  1. animanachronism

    C.C. glamourises any product by proximity. In fact, I heard that Pizza Hut ran some Code Geass-related campaigns themselves, so it obviously feeds (pun not intended) both ways.

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