The creation of an invincible suit

Hey everyone,

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were invincible suits that if you put it on you were stronger, faster, or invisible? Some suits like this exist, but of course they are not going to make you invincible.

For starters there is the spiderman suit that gives the ability to scale walls. Then there’s HALthat gives the potential of lifting ten times the amount someone can usually carry. An invisiblity suit is also in the works. Once the kinks get worked out of these suits we could be seeing real superheroes.

And the military seems set on making soldiers wear gear straight out of science fiction. Are you aware that the army has lasers? We could be in for some crazy warfare in the future

Or we could possible just see power ranger wannabes that actually have powers.


power rangers



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2 responses to “The creation of an invincible suit

  1. loli

    hola me llamo lorena y estoy mirando esta pagina porque a mi primo mas chico que se llama ian le encantan los power

  2. nyx

    gracias. yo espero que estas mirando nos paginas en el futuro tambien.

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