Othello (Review)

Hey Everyone,

The shoujo manga Othello is a really good, although I admit it is a bit silly, but then isn’t everything. The title comes from a board game with black and white pieces, not the Shakespearean play. Its done by the manga artist Satomi Ikezawa who has also drawn Guru Guru Pon Chan which is also hilarious.

Othello is not as long as some mangas (Some seem to go on forever don’t they?). It has seven volumes and an actual storyline. It isn’t one of those manga in which the characters don’t change and the plot doesn’t move along. Throughout the whole manga Yaya, the main character develops and so does her split personality, Nana. Yaya’s split personality is so different from her and the way she gets out of situations is really hilarious. Although the manga is really funny, there a certain sadness and fear that accompanies it. Yaya has a split personality because she feels pressured not to be herself. Also, a lot of the people she comes across are so mean that that I was fearing for her life and well-being at times.

There is a lot of gothic-lolita worn and a lot of rock music is played. Yaya’s crush is in a band called Black Dog which is from a song sang by Led Zeppelin (which any fan would know).

The manga is really good. It’ll have you laughing outloud at the silliness of the situations and cheering with Nana for getting rid of Yaya’s foes. It’s a fun read that’ll have you wondering if and how people can possibly be this mean.




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