Spider-man and MJ enter splitsville (along with other celebrities)

Yes that’s right folks, the most upsetting breakup since Barbie and Ken, Spidey and MJ are no longer together. It was announced this week that Peter Parker would be entering the single life in order to make the comics more exciting. But honestly, do we really care about Spidey’s love life while he’s supposed to be battling villains. Although, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind seeing Spider-man put a profile on Match.com. Maybe the Hobgloblin will use it to lure him into some type of trap with a fake profile: Hob hottie seeking a quick-witted man who can shoot spider webs from his wrist. Now that’s a comic I’d like to read!

We should also take this time to have a moment of silence to remember the relationship of another heroe’s failed marriage. Eddie Murphy. While Spidey and MJ were married for 21 years, Mr. Beverly Hills Cop was married for 21 hours. (sniff, sniff…it hurts doesn’t it?)



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