White Nights by Doestovesky as a Graphic Novel?

White Nights

I have just started reading the works of Fyodar Dostoevsky for the first time in my twenty years of existence. I have already heard much good things about this renowned author– not only for his infamous Crime and Punishment but also for the lesser known stories, especially the “Honest Thief” and the “White nights.” Knowing that Dostoevsky was a monarchist reactionary endeared me to him a bit more but I have never managed to find the time to read his works – until now. I have just read the first story by Dostoevsky’s called “White Nights,” an idealistic reminiscence of an effervescent series of nights that recalled youth and love, and whose impression painted in my mind the image of a cloudy dream in the dark beautiful night of Petersburg. While reading “White Nights” I could not help but notice how much like a manga it was – the setting, the scene, the characters that fade in and out of dreams, the idealism – in short, the atmosphere in general. Dostoevsky language was also quite beautiful with vivid descriptions. Who else but Dostoevsky could pen words like “And why of course, he meets her afterwards, far from his native shores, beneath the scorching southern sky of an alien land, in the wonderful Eternal City, to the thunder of music…(28)”

There has been some adaptations of White Nights on the screen, a 2005 English film that has faded, an old Black and White Italian film Le Notti Bianche.



If you are a Bollywood aficionado, you would surely be aware of Saawariya, which is the latest adaption of White Nights in the East. In my opinion however, White Nights is suited more for a novel than a movie.


Luckily, I was not alone in thinking “White Nights” would form a great graphic novel. After a quick search, I have found a forum that puts together White Nights in the form of a Japanese Graphic Novel. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I am not able to access it (in short words: my computer is in the hands of another, getting fixed) but don’t hesitate to give me your feedback on this delightful story. The Link is here.








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2 responses to “White Nights by Doestovesky as a Graphic Novel?

  1. Aleksandra

    Is there Linux/Mac version of this VN?

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