Super Tuesday and Meeting Minutes

As those who attended today’s meeting know, it was hat or head gear day. Many of our members came with some fabulous hats. Of course, later, all of us had some nice Karaoke going on. Our building is in Blair 220? somewhere near the shady offices in the second floor. Next Tuesday will have a theme, I think. If you hadn’t shown up at any other meeting, do so this coming Tuesday, it would not be exactly the second coming of Christ but it would be pretty close.

Of course, by this time, we would have a regular website uploaded unto William and Mary, so the blog can be read by mainly procrastination purposes.

If you are addicted to the Primaries, like I am, you can look at the breakdown by age/income/states by visiting CNN website, which may be God’s gift to mankind. And yes, please register to vote unless you are running against my candidate. Just kidding.



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