Hey everyone,

Originally I was all for the xbox 360. I mean I do own an Xbox and when I played games on the 360 they were fun and the graphics were good. Well that is still the case, but when I played the Nintendo Wii I realized graphics are over rated. Good graphics doesn’t make a game more fun, and honestly it just makes the game and the system cost more. Look at the Playstation 3. It has awesome graphics but how many people are buying it even when the price went down? The Wii is selling like hot cakes for a reason. Its fun, less expensive than the other systems, and many of the games are simple enough that even people well into their 60s and above are beginning to enjoy video games.

Then there are the features that they offer. If the Wii had a DVD playing feature it would be too much. I mean there would be no reason to leave the seat. You can look at Wii news, then Wii weather and surf the internet. You can even email your friends and brag that your doing it from the Wii. And Blu Ray who needs that? The discs are expensive and its hard even to found them in rental stores and is the quality really better?

There a lot of add ons that can be bought with the Wii to make the player feel like their really doing the action even more than with just the Wiimote. And all of these are wireless. There are swords, shields, guns, steering wheels and etc. that can be bought. The only problem I can see with the Wii is Wiitis and that these “add ons” add on the cost. This happens if the player plays for too long and make to many motions with their wrists.

As you can see I love the Wii and I encourage everyone to at least play it once. And to think I thought Nintendo made a bad choice changing the system name from the original “Revolution” to the Wii.



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