Chrono Crusade

colonials_and_indians.jpg image by galaxyalphaHey everyone,

Chrono Crusade is a good anime that is unfortunately is often called by the wrong name and is considered by many to be offensive. A lot of people accidentally call this anime Chrono Trigger which is an awesome rpg and has nothing to do with this anime. Lots of times it is thought to be associated with this rpg or the sequel Chrono Cross which it is not although truthfully they do sound alike.

Its considered to be offensive to many because it has a lot to do with Christianity without actually being very Christian. The story is about a nun named Rosette Christopher, who along with the demon, Chrono, kill demons and searches for her missing younger brother. This anime is full of Christian symbols and names from the Bible, but most of the time they have nothing to do with Christianity. This anime contains a pretty nun often in clothing that is not modest with big guns, but of course that is not what the anime is about.

The anime includes a very sad love story (The manga has a different ending). There is a pervasive sadness throughout the whole anime because Chrono is bound to Rosette in such a way that when he is allowed to use some of his powers some of Rosettes life energy is lost.

One thing that I like about this anime is that the devil character, Aion, is so much like what I think the devil is like. He is very persuasive. So much so, that the viewer may get caught up in his lies as well. Also, he is not ugly or vulgar, which makes him even more persuasive. While watching this anime sometimes I wished the Christianity would be more correct just to make Aion even more the devil. He was the best portrayal I’ve seen of the devil in just about anything.

I recommend this anime for anyone that can get through “stylized” Christianity


Chrono Crusade



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2 responses to “Chrono Crusade

  1. nyx

    At least it is not like Angel Sanctuary… if there was an anime that strove to be actively anti-christian, that would be it. But Christianity in Japan is more like a ‘cool’
    thing and is not extremely accurate at all in anime and mangas, to put it extremely mildly. Usually foreign cultures serve as a black slate to push whatever story or characters in Japan, just like it is sometimes in Disney or even Pixar. Christianity is just as relevant in Japanese anime as Egyptian religion is relevant in Hollywood renderings of Egypt – the form and rituals are there, but the religion is totally off.

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