Disney’s Peter Pan is horrible

Hey everyone,

I watched Disney’s Peter Pan made in 1953 again after many years. I didn’t realize all the political incorrectness in that movie. There was blatant sexism, racism, and classism. Not to mention that Tinker Bell is a stinking traitor and is not cool at all. How did she get her own pop cult? I for one don’t own and don’t want to own any of her merchandise.

The sexism is in how Wendy is treated. She’s treated like dirt by her parents, a “Native American” woman, and Peter Pan. Her parents and the “Native American” woman treated her like a 2nd class citizen while they treated the boys better and allowed them to do more than her. Peter Pan acted a lot like a playa and didn’t care for Wendy very much except to be a story teller that pumped up his ego, because all her stories were about him.

The Racism was in how Native Americans were portrayed and what they were called. They were called Reds and a good number of them were colored red. They also all spoke broken English, except for possibly Tiger Lily.

For Classicism? For one the lost boys in their animal costumes at one point literally bowed down and worshipped Peter Pan. Also, the Darling’s family dog, Nana, was the nanny and was treated poorly on top of that.

I love Disney, but this definitely wasn’t one of their best works. Not to mention that the story of Peter Pan inspires Michael Jackson, because he’s old but is still a child. Also, he named his ranch Neverland after the story.

Maybe the story itself was set up to be like this, but Disney could have done something about it, but then it was the 1950s. An idealized boys fantasy where they don’t have to obey rules and where there’s danger and adventure everywhere that come in the forms of pirates and “Indians” and where there are beautiful mermaids as well.


Peter Pan



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80 responses to “Disney’s Peter Pan is horrible

  1. Charlotte

    I’m sorry if i seem rude here but you have completely missed the point of the story. Read the original by JM Barrie and you will understand the sinister and dark undertones of the story. I am studying it at degree level at the moment and feel very upset that you can undermine Disney’s creative ability to turn quite a tragic story in to something children can enjoy.

    Kids like the idea of a world where they can do anything, what’s wrong with that? Were you never a child?

    Peter acts horribly to Wendy because he doesn’t know any different, that is an element of tragedy.
    Peter is a tragic character. The story shows that even though Peter says he doesn’t want a mum or a dad, he really does which is why is is delighted when Wendy says she’s going to read him stories and tuck him and the boys in at night.

    I suggest you find the original stories and versions off films before you go round slating them.

    The sexism is there to make a political statement, don’t you understand irony? The apparent ‘racism’ is there for the same reason. Plus, it’s okay to call African people Black, why can’t you call the Native Americans red? I’m white?! Is that racist?

    Learn how to pick dialogue apart before you go round slagging off a piece of cinematic and literary art.

    • You are a total idiot, the simple fact that you can sit there and look for all the “political incorrectness” in a fucking disney movie means you need to get off ya fat ass, move out of your parents basement and get a life. Your a middle aged loser and no one wants to see your hairy chest. So please either go out and get a life or unplug ya computer forever. Cuz no one wants ta hear your BULLSHIT anymore…..dumb ass.

    • Geoff

      Oh my god you are a moron if you can’t see how this movie is blatantly racist….What makes the red man red? You walk up to a native american and ask that question retardo and see what happens…

    • E

      Well said, Charlotte.

  2. J

    To Charlotte, I don’t mean to sound rude, but you are wrong. First of all, it is a well known fact that Walt Disney was a racist. He even did a cartoon with donald duck as a nazi, which depicted Asians and Jews in a very negative light.
    If you think undermining women and exploiting Native Americans is a way for children to enjoy disney, then I am sorry for you.
    I first watched Peter Pan as a child, and to be honest, I didn’t like it.
    Now, if you want to argue that the other versions are different, fair enough. But the fact remains, that the Disney version is socially offensive on many different levels.
    And sorry, you can’t have it both ways. If the point of the movie is for children to enjoy, then I doubt it is there to make a political statement. I very much doubt Disney’s “Sound of the South” was as ironic as it was racist.
    Furthermore, Native Americans are not red. Actually, they are the most racially mistaken group. Often times they are confused as being, latino, asian, and caucasian.
    And no it’s not racist to call native americans red, it’s just out of date and ignorant.


    • vince

      Donald Duck as a nazi was NOT a racist film.

      Please go learn some history.

      Disney was contracted by the US military to create pro-american propaganda films that portrayed the nazi’s as bumbling bafoons.

      Prior to the cartoon films, military movies were dull and boring and troops were falling asleep.

      If you really think Donald Duck films as a nazi were racist you are clueless to the point of ignorance.

      Please go research why those films were made, it was all done as anti-nazi military films to keep troops awake during training movies.

    • E

      A well-known fact, eh? YOU are 100% wrong. Walt Disney was not a racist. Look into history of his wartime cartoons and you will know this. I refuse to read more of your comment because your ignorance from this statement alone is so profound.

  3. kagehime

    Well of course I was a child once and I know that irony is one thing that children have a hard time understanding.
    And about calling Native Americans Red. I believe whites and blacks in America don’t want to be called European American or African American because it suggests that they came from those locations. Also, they chose to be called White and Black. Native Americans never asked to be called Red. Then do you think its okay to call Asians yellow?
    I think you’re right that Peter Pan is a tragic figure, but it wasn’t like anyone else was treating Wendy better. People only saw her within the stereotypical female roles of daughter and mother.
    And this movie was made in 1953, I don’t think Disney was worried about being racist.
    I like the original J. M. Barrie story. What’s wrong with the story being an idealized fantasy for boys? I think they were the original target for the story.

    Thank you for your comment,

    • Jonesy

      Another small point: The setting is England, and American Indians were called Red Indians there to distinguish them from citizens of India. Plenty of English books use this term. All these terms change with time and whim.

  4. Anna

    I love this movie and you are right about a couple of things, but wrong more. I just finished watching my DVD copy of Peter Pan and Wendy’s parents did anything but treat her ‘like dirt’. Things were a hell of a lot different back in the 50’s and early 1900’s then they are right now. Charlotte made a lot of good points in her first comment.
    I’m just defending the movie because I love it and nothing else. Besides, it was just 1 movie retelling. That doesn’t mean you should hate the actual story.
    Thank you.

    • Lindsey

      Tell ’em Anna!! Lost Girl FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    • Savannah

      Plus, not only were things different in 1950’s and before… the movie is also set in London where there were such things as being a “proper young lady” and they trained very hard for that… boarding and charm school and everything!

  5. rachaek

    loads crap
    peter pan is a story not racist
    its like saying harry potter is an evil book

  6. Wendy Sandwichmaker

    Neverland is a boy’s imagination. Little boys play pirates and indians. They don’t play indigenous peoples. I’m sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities, but political correctness would be plainly asinine in this context.

    • wanderingsophie


      When I was a kid I certainly didn’t wet myself over political correctness, and after all, the film is for kids.

      If you realise things like that when you’re seven and spellbound by an imaginary world, then you are one in a million.

  7. Dana

    it’s just a movie. Neverland was a place where children didn’t have to grow up. Children watched it and most liekly thought nothing of it. They didn’t understand anything about politics in the first place and grow learning about sexism, racism, and classicism. It’s just something to keep kids busy while parents are doing something.

  8. kagehime

    I agree that children will think nothing of it. They won’t know if anything is wrong with how the people are treated. The problem is if they think that that’s normal. A lot of times children aren’t exposed to all kinds of diversity and may be inclined to think for example that Native Americans actually act like that.

  9. C

    Hmm, seems like time magazine would agree with some. They just posted a podcast about how racist and sexist disney is in the movie Enchanted. They even warn people to keep their kids away from the movie.

  10. a.g.p.

    Peter pan was my favourite movie as a child and i watched it many times. I did not end up racist or sexist because of it. its just a fairy tale and shouldn’t be taken seriously. After all, it does take place in a fantasy world, is it possible to believe, even for a minute, that sexism and racism don’t exist in Neverland? They sure wern’t a reality for me as a child, being too young to understand those concepts. Obviously these things are a reality in the real world but the beauty of a fairy tale is being able to confuse reality. As mentioned above, Neverland is an imaginary world and it would ruin the fantasy of it to call the “reds” by a politically correct term. Also, if the way Wendy was treated changed, or if Tink wasn’t a backstabbing bitch, the story would not be the same. There is nothing wrong with the story of Peter Pan and I have yet to meet someone who has let the politically incorrect aspects of the movie influence their opinions.

  11. nyx

    Ok. Everyone should just chill with the comments. Its just a movie, and frankly, IMHO, not Disney’s best effort. I do think the terms used are insensitive but we are not calling for the head of Walt Disney. Walt Disney, peace be upon him, is still a fairly rich man and has not gone broke because of us. We have not called for resignations or condemnations of this movie (we are only poor miserable college students after all). Kagehime just said she found it somewhat racist and not that very good. Some are offended at this suggestion. Ok. Let’s agree to disagree.

  12. nyx

    Also, guys, Please don’t post multiple posts with different names. We know your IP address and will delete any trolling.

  13. Daniela

    hi guys,
    i would like to say it was qiute surprising for me to find such a discussion about peter pan. i have to say that peter pan is my most favorite fairy tail and i watched it a dozen of times when i was a kid and i never grew up neither to be a racist nor a sexist. for me it was simply a wonderful fairy tale. i think that we are all missing the whole point of this fairy tale…the message of the story is that at the end of the day the kids returned back home cos they realised that staying at neverland and never growing up wasnt that important for them. if you watch the movie carefully you will also realise that woman are givin a very important role, at the end of the day the boys realise that they cant stay without their moms and also without wandy. neither peter can stay without tinker no matter how bitchy she is. befor judging such a movie we should first watch it with a kids mind and heart because it was created for that purpose- to help kids fantasise and dream, [one last word… i dont see the point in mentioning micheal jackson… there is nothing wrong with him being so fascinated with such a fairy tale… pls leave him out of this]

    anyways best regards

    • Lindsey

      THANKyou! This movie is a piece of history and a work of art. I LOVE Peter! But here’s something else to think about…
      Captain Hook- a misfortunate misfit or a murderous monster? (did I just make an alliteration?) I’ve always been on Peter’s side, yet I can’t help to think, who’s done more damage to who? And where’s HIS lady? Poor guy. Sitting in his dark, cold ship while Pete’s got girls literaly FIGHTING for him. That would make 2 tragic figures then, eh? Peter is 1, but he doesnt know it. All of life is a game to him. I dont think he even acknowledges (did I spell that right?) that Hook IS actualy TRYING to KILL him half the time. In the book and play, however, this isn’t so.
      Hook is the other figure, and oh does he know it. It is indeed very tragic. Think about him.
      -no one loves him
      -no one supports him
      -the dude’s got 1 hand for God’s sake
      – and as much as he’s feared, he’s kind of a wimp. I pitty him, unwanted save for dinner (refering to his apearent zoolophobia). Now, does this mean I want Peter to surrender so that Hook can finaly win? HELL NO! I do root for Peter. But I root more so for a truce. Im writting a piece in which Hook finaly finds lov that he is willing to die for and Peter finaly opens his eyes to the situation at hand, leading either to death or peace. As epic as a tale it is, Im writting for my own sake. And fear not fellow Lost Boys and Girls, Im not letting Disney ANYWHERE near it.

    • linda

      i couldn’t have put it better myself!!

  14. Cristian

    To Kagehime,

    Okay if you think you are right. What will you do now will you try to remove a million dollar movie made for kids from the industrie because some poeple are called «Reds» and misstreatment of women. It is an old movie with old habits so I say we let the past in the past and try to make the future better. We cannot change the movie and it will still be a kid’s movie for a kid’s brain not a social plitical movie full of hidden messages. I think you have wasted your time doing this and frankly I am wasting mine by saying this.


  15. Mégan Lee

    okay, i agree with Charlotte, read the novel. It explains so much that Disney unfortunately watered down, things that i’m sorry to say are far too complex for children to comprehend, which is why the story is notorious for being not only the perfect children’s story, but also a good story for adults, too.

    Sexism: A. Peter was too young, too innocent and too ignorant to realize how he treated the mermaids, tinkerbelle, and wendy. If you read the story, it shows how he forgets all of his adventures and memories not long after he’s had them, which is why he remains so blissfully innocent and cannot learn or grow from his memories. Besides, every young boy treats girls like that, they think that they’re better, kind of like the chant “girls go to jupider” so it’s harmless. B. okay, the story was written in 1910-that’s how they treated women, get over it. It’s a part of history and if they didn’t show that in the movie then it would be just as mindless and politically correct as ‘Dora the Explorer,’ any child can tell that it was far back in the past and times have changed. Besides, if she hadn’t have been treated like that, she would have never followed peter to neverland and there would be no plot.

    You do have a point on how Wendy was treated as a ‘squaw.’ While there were certian gender rules of the Native Americans, just as there are gender rules of modern society, they were known as one of the most equal communities ever studied, actually, in some cases, women had more power than men.

    Racism: My grandfather was half Native American (and yes, his skin was a reddish brown), and he never minded being called red. As to your asian comment above, i have an international friend from Malaysia, and he laughes at being called the ‘yellow kid with squinty eyes.’ It’s true, they have yellow skin, and there’s red and brown and black and white, it happens.

    The racism is apparent when the lost boys call them ‘injuns,’ and yes, i agree that there is racism in the movie. However, this was my favorite story as a child, and i watched it over and over for hours. The only thing i got from the racism in both ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Dumbo’ is that it was wrong, whatever Walt Disney’s intention was. Your parents should have more influence in that area then a cartoon- i’m double majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International studies, obviously the movie didn’t affect me.

    Seriously, read the book, and look for the symbolism, because there is just as much in ‘Peter Pan’ as in the book ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘Lord of the Flies,’ and there’s a good message there.

    • Lindsey

      WELL! Somebody knows what the hell thier talking about! Meg’s right! This goes for ANY book, too. (p.S) Are yall American? I’m getting this realy wierd ass vibe that everyone here’s British (lucky duckys!)

  16. Olibia

    First off. It was Disney’s Peter Pan movie that I was first introduced to, then Steven Spielberg’s rendition of a grown up Peter Pan, in Hook. Mainly the story is what has the magic, and allure, Sir James Matthew Barrie was not a racist or a sexist, he loved kids, and wrote his play for kids. He imagined Neverland and created all of these characters that when you think about it where from outer space (second star to the right), but thats going way into the book. I don’t believe that Disney was a racist I think that like a lot of people today, he really didn’t mingle with a very diverse group of people and it reflects in his early cartoons. I however appreciate the magic and wonder that he introduced in my childhood, that has brought me into the wonderful world of Aviation. I am a huge fan of Sir James Matthew Barrie and to see his story get criticized as sexist, and racist, completely stuns me. I really hope you read the original story, and at least agree that the overall concept of Peter Pan is magical and if nothing else original.

  17. Maeve Pan

    Oh. My. Gosh. How could you say such a thing about such a wonderful, classic tale? I LOVE Peter Pan and the story. Back then, laws and rights were different, so just chill. I’m really actually grateful to Disney for showing kids what life was like back then, and what women’s rights were back then. If you can’t face history hidden in a movie for children, then you probably can’t face reality. As for the whole “racist” thing, Peter Pan is a young boy, who doesn’t know about that kind of thing, (remember: he went to Neverland when he was a baby and fell out of his pram into Kengsington Gardens where he met Tink), and you’ll also notice that in the movie the Indians are singing the “Red Man” song also. Also- this is a stupid debate, because Peter Pan is a story to dream and fantasize about, not to criticize. It is my personal opinion that you should lay of Peter Pan, and that you just are saying all this criticism just to have something to stupidly argue. Stop this nonsense, and leave the movie Peter Pan alone. There’s nothing wrong with it, and you are just being a kill joy and a dream crusher. I can’t believe you’d post something like that on the WWW just so your life would be a little more exciting and something to lie about in your spare time. I hope people who read this will agree with me, because Peter Pan is a wonderful story that will go on in my heart forever.
    -Maeve Pan

  18. flocoma

    The story has got some problems. Even if one reads the version by the honorable Sir James Matthew Barrie (I just got done reading to my daughter twice). The indians are of the ‘Picaninny’ tribe? Anybody ever heard of that one? Strike any chords?

    All that being said, I explained to my daughter that people used to think, especially people with titles hailing from colonial powers, that many indigenous peoples were inferior to them. We did our own research about native americans on the internet that was a ball. We even looked up picaninny so we could iron that one out a bit. I also tell her that they had some rather ingnorant ideas about women also.

    However, the book takes pot shots at a lot of people from many stations in life. The core of the book is a powerful fairy story that has really captured her imagination. Tink was her favorite, as she knew the icon before the character. Tink’s slipped quite a bit since the book and I’m happy she has the lesson that something attractive can become quite ugly.

    The cartoon is run of the mill drivel from The Rat. Tink is a little tarty and the portrayal of the native americans, although criminal by todays standards, is typical of what was acceptable in its time.

  19. Christopher

    Alright. I have read some pretty foolish things in my time, but this is the icing on the cake. First of all, whoever said that Disney was a racist is a complete moron. You stated that Disney showed Donald Duck as a Nazi? You are quite obviously ignorant about the World War two era at the Disney studios. The cartoon is called Der Fuehrer’s Face. It is a satire, and pure propaganda against the Nazi’s. The redman in Peter Pan may not be sound for our time; however if you look at ALL films from that time, Native Americans were portrayed in a stereotypical light. The thing of it is, I would not care, even today, if someone made fun of white people, and I am mostly white. I do not see a problem with satire, and I feel that one of our biggest problems nowadays is taking everything so seriously, that the humorous things (stereotypes, ethnic jokes) that make cartoons what they are, seem to be dissolving. People are so sensitive, and not because they want to be. Most people are afraid of offending someone. An example would be a white guy talking to a black guy about how much he hates racism, has a lot of black friends, etc. Why would you lower yourself in that way. All of the sensitivity has created even more racism. Get over YOURSELVES!!

  20. To everybody,

    well I’m studying Barrie’s book and I don’t think peter Pan is sexist… he’s only an innocent boy.. he doesn’t know what he’s doing at all! The problem is that in the Disney’s version his behavior is intensified.

  21. The 1953 Disney Peter Pan definitely plays on racist stereotypes. I still love the movie. It’s fun and over-the-top and the animation style is nice.

    I think when one watches it, remember the film in it’s historic context. 1953 was a time when most film was seen through the eyes of middle-class to wealthy, white, American/European and Judeo-Christian filmmakers. It would take the cultural revolution of the late 1960’s to begin to change this. This shouldn’t mean you throw out the baby with the bath water, but understand it through context.

    Also, I picked up the new Tinker Bell film for my daughter and it’s really good. It’s definitely not sexist. There’s only three men in the entire film and two of them are equals to Tinker Bell until Tinker shows she is more special and the other is the Queen’s assistant. So, the Tinker Bell script of the new film is definitely taken through a better world view. There are fairies of many different cultures and the animation was done very well. John Lassiter of Pixar produced it, so you know it’s good.

  22. Courtney

    *sigh* I dont see why people dont just enjoy the movies made by Disney. So many are out just to make the movies seem worse then they are. I believe we should be thankful that Disney made such wonderful movies that my kids can watch, along with future generations. They tell of good stories with morals and let us not forget wat we did in the past. We cant let hostory repeat itself. :] peace people~

  23. Whiskers

    Im sorry but,You’re very wrong about this movie.
    This movie has no matter to racism.One,also Wendy was treated very much like a lady,She was tended to and was also praised.

    The parents didn’t treat her like dirt.They were worried and wicked at times but they didn’t inflict or show any discrase to the children.

    You can’t be mad at this classic movie!This inspired so many to keep moving with themselves.The book was made in 1904,Back in that time racism was around,Girls wer’ent even allowed to show their ankles.It was just revised from the book.

    The children love this guy,He IS a show-off xD but that’s how most boys are.

    It’s completley a pity that you underestimate Disney’s wonderful classic that inspired millions.Peter did in one part not of the movie but the book,In quote “Peter,forgetting Wendy’s great help,Pranced around and shouted:’How clever I am!I have my shadow back on!” Wendy hid under the cover’s but then he praised her and said “Wendy,you know one girl is as useful as twenty boys.”

    This is a wonderful book,and movie.It’s horrible you can’t just take the movie for how it is..Incredible,not just look into the movie with every hint and detail.


  24. asia gepte

    maybe all you have to do is read the book so you can clarify the issues you have raised. points there were explained well by barrie.

    and, well, i believe if you’ll finish the book, you can tell yourself that the story is a whole lot different like what you have written here.

    Disney’s style is to romanticise and twist the plot and characters of the stories they make as movies. i guess, it’s really just up to the audience if they will fall for what Disney is feeding them. just think well as you watch before you evaluate 🙂

  25. I think you guys are just being stupid. Its just a movie and kids luv it! As a matter of fact, I myself am i kid and I absolutely love Peter Pan. Why do you people always have to look at the bad side of things. Whatever, you people know nothing about children and fun.

  26. I agree with everything Charlotte said. “Peter Pan” takes place in the 50’s! OF COURSE some things are different now. And Charlotte’s analysis of why Peter treats Wendy the way he does is excellent. You just need to chill out. “Peter Pan” is a wonderful classic with a good moral and underlying meanings that can speak to adults as well as children.

  27. Ughhh shut-the-fuck up! Enjoy the movie and quit over thinking it, jesus christ.

  28. Emy Pan

    I am SO with Maeve Pan here!
    Peter Pan ROCKS.
    The movie is a classic, its great.

  29. Adi

    Okay, everyone here seems to be leaving comments like “sorry if this offends you” but I have a huge list of things I couldn’t care less about and your sensitivity is one of them. Seriously? You’re a moron.

    Why is it everyone thinks that Disney are just a group of bigots that got together to promote sexism, ageism, racism and all other ‘isms’ for the fun of it in all of their movies?

    This is NOT Disney’s own work – remember that world famous novel… oh what was it called? Oh, that’s right! PETER PAN!? It is based on that, which is set in the time it was written in – more than a century earlier than now. Guess what? People were treated different then – for their gender, for their race, for their position in the world in general. Accept it; deal with it; move on.

    Peter Pan is idolised by the lost boys as he’s their protector – he’s like the older brother that they all look up to and want to be like and can rely on to keep them out of harm. Oh, and they’re all PLAYING ONE BIG GAME.

    Your comments at the end actually made me laugh. As in, it made me LOL. You haven’t bothered to do the slightest research on the book before slandering Disney for the short-fallings of the TIMES’ (Not Disneys, NOR Barries). And what were Disney to do to it? Re-write the book so that people like you weren’t offended by how people back then acted – and in the context of a child’s fairy tale!?

    Oh, and one thing that jumped out at me while you were going on about Disney’s apparent ignorance is the consistent use of the term “Native Americans” – they’re living on a damn star! What’s so American about them!?

  30. brittney

    All I have to say is wow. I can not believe that you would take the time out of your meaningless life to come up with something like that. Everyone loves Peter Pan. Can you not enjoy something for what it is instead of finding details in it to turn it into something that it’s not. Peter Pan teaches you to accept people for who they are and to not jump to conclusions of something. You need to remember that Peter Pan was written in the 50’s so times were different then. That’s how it is shown in the move. Why would Disney go and change something? You are absolutely rediculous and to find something else to do in your life. If you don’t like Peter Pan, then that’s fine. No one said you had to watch it. So I don’t understand why you would want to go and try and ruin it for everyone else.

  31. ANH

    I’m not sure if this was stated in another post as I did not read all 30 replies, but this is a response on your Tinkerbell comment.

    I will admit that I’m too am not very fond of Tinkerbell but that’s more because all of the merchandise that is Peter Pan, is usually Tink. She gets more attention than she deserves, however, calling her a backstabbing bitch is a little harsh.

    In the book it’s stated that fairies are so small, they only have room for one emotion at a time. She couldn’t help but be jealous, or a bit evil. And in her mind she wasn’t backstabbing Peter, she was getting rid of Wendy.

    And the mermaids? In the original story, they were evil. 🙂

    I know it’s just a book and a story, but I just wanted to put it out there. xP

  32. Clayre

    Wow, you read WAY too much into a CARTOON movie produced by DISNEY.
    While, as a writer, I do believe that every movie has some sort of message I think that you misread it.
    It’s a frivolous movie about a place where kids don’t have to grow up and can do whatever they want.
    It’s a fun movie about being a child and having fun.
    I repeat it is a fun children’s movie about silly things and bumbling pirates.

    P.S. Lighten up a bit would ya?

  33. Clayre

    P.P.S. I really don;t care if my comment seemed rude or offended you.

  34. Mad

    Not to be rude but WTF? It’s just a /story/! Do you see me whining that King Trident isn’t letting Ariel become a human? Excuse me? Tinkerbell a back stabber? ITS A CHARACTER DAMN IT! WHAT DO WE CARE? IT’S PART OF HER CHARACTER!

    Okay, sorry for that but dude. It’s a cartoon. Why don’t you complain about real things like the economy we live in then bull sh*tting about a cartoon!

  35. L.C.

    I’m gonna have to agree with everyone else. NOTHING YOU SAID IS TRUE.

    Did you even read the original book? Well, actually, I haven’t but, eh, my friend did. Oh, and she says “You idiots are stupid, Peter Pan rules!”

    You might not really enjoy the story that much, but I don’t think that all this was necessary. It’s just a kids movie, and kids don’t care about this stuff. I, for one, am very concerned about what I say, about whether or not it’s racist, because I was raised that way. I don’t think this move qualifies.

    And Peter is a boy. Boys his age treat girls like scum. Trust me. And he even shows appreciation for her at times, so he’s not even as bad as some of the boys his age I know.

    Though, I will admit, Disney did make him a bit of a jerk in the movie, based on what I’ve seen and comparing it to what I’ve heard about the original book.


  36. Mandi

    I found this site by accident. Sorry for intruding.
    I, as a blue-blood Native, feel the need to mention some key points. Yes, I believe Peter Pan was racist. No, we do NOT like it when white people call us red, but we DO call ourselves red. Stupid, I know. The portrayal of the Natives in the movie, does irk me. But the thing that makes this movie so foul, so loathsome is the fact that they have a Native woman saying “squaw.” No self respecting Native woman would say THAT word, let alone call someone it. It is very embarrassing and simply mortifying to hear someone say something like that, so boldly.

  37. I'd rather not leave a name!

    I’m actually doing a project on this movie. I just wanted to say that this movie would be seen in the”tragic” sense that someone was speaking about, and now-a-days I’m sure that’s exactly how it’s interpreted, but the point is that #1 the movie was made BEFORE women got most of their rights, rights that they fought tooth and nail for,
    #2 Disney was OPENLY an anti-semite
    …. I LOVE Disney movies but I don’t see how an anti-semite could have very strong values and says “oh yes, how about I make a movie that’s satirical so that men treat women better” the movie is clearly racist in my point of view. However everyone has their points of view and perhaps I just choose no to see the good in racists.
    P.s I live next to a native reservation (although I am white) now the thing about calling me white is that… I’m pretty fucking white. My step mother is from Western Africa therefore she’s very dark and black seems to be fitted. but someone who says that calling me white is the same as calling a native-American red is clearly RETARDED because they’re just tan we might as well go to Spain and call them red.
    The creator of this was just pointing out what he saw BY DISNEY… not fucking Jm or Jh no one gives a shit, maybe their version isn’t wrong w.e but that Charlotte bitch can go fuck herself. the Creator wasn’t pushing his views on us the way little miss “I’m white does that make me racist” was.

  38. Tanuja

    The part where the mermaids try to pull Wendy into the water because they’re jealous that she’s with Peter and Peter just laughs is terrible. That doesn’t teach kids good things. I read Walt Disney didn’t even like the final cut of the movie because Peter Pan was cold and unlikable. The song where they sing about going after “Injuns” is terribly racist and when the little boy tells the other kids that the Indian is cunning but not smart, that’s just not right. I know many of you liked it as kids, but how many could show this to your kids in good conscience?

  39. Jessica

    1)Tinker Bell is a fairy. She acts the way she does because she is so small
    that she can only carry one emotion at a time. Most of the time she expressed
    jealousy of Wendy. After she was scold by Peter she was sad, then ended up
    helping Peter with the whole bomb incident.

    2)Peter is a young boy who most likely has not learned any manners
    or moral since he has remained young and ignorant for years. That is why he
    unintentionally treats Wendy with disrespect occationally. Children are usually
    self centered “I want this. I want that.”, but not all are which explains why Peter
    acted so cocky. It was even said in the book that “there was not a cockier boy.”
    Wendy’s father is a man of short temper so in order to earn respect from his
    children he is firm and strict. When he told Wendy that she could not spend
    anymore time in the nursery he was speaking out of anger. And also, the Native
    Woman, you can’t really call her a Native American because she lived in Neverland, was
    just as strict and harsh as Wendy’s father. She was taught to believe that
    women were created to work for men. Which made her and unlikeable
    character who told Wendy to get firewood. Wendy ended up refusing her
    commands which in a way, shows that those thinking methods were incorrect.

    3)It was not raceism that lead to the portrayal of these Natives, again they
    cannot be called Native Americans for they live in Neverland. They were “Red”
    for the sake of song writing. They went on in taking part in singing “What Made
    the Red Man Red” so if they were not red then the song wouldn’t make very
    much sense at all now would it? When they sang they possesed well formed

    4) Peter is like a father to the lost boys, this explains why they bowed down to
    Peter. Either that or it was some sort of humorous game to them, which is
    most likely the case.

    5) Don’t bash Micheal Jackson what the hell does he have to do with this!?

    6) You have obviously not read the book… Read the book and you will understand.
    If you have read the book then I do not understand your thinking methods.

    The information above is my opinion and mine alone. I have no intentions to say
    that everyone has the same opinion as me because that would be a lie

    Good Day.

  40. Kt

    Okay, Peter Pan is one amazing movie! When you’re are a kid you don’t even know about people being racist so therefore you don’t think about that kind of stuff when you’re watching Peter Pan. Even if kids did know about racism and sexism, when they are like five (!), they wouldn’t care because Peter Pan has nothing to do with racism and sexism. Wendy’s parents treated her as the oldest (which she was) so therefore it was her responsiblity to take care of her younger brothers. That is not being sexist, that’s just the way things work. Older kids take care of their younger siblings. Is that a problem? No its not, and its definatly not being sexist!

    Obviously no little kid is going to OVER ANALYZE the classic Disney movie, so neither should you! And Peter Pan is just the way he is. Who cares that in the movie he is over confindant and arrogant? Not me, I love Peter Pan for who he is…

    ~READ THE “PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS” series!! Its all about Peter Pan, before he became Peter Pan!! Its one EPIC series…

  41. i am speechless. Good point of view

  42. linda

    how very sad that fault as been picked out in this fantastic film!! i love peter and all the characters, i watched this film all the time and i am not racist or sexist!! we all wanted tiger lily home safe, even peter!! as for wendy, well i can definatly relate to her role! it would come natural to any girl to be a mother figure to those around who need that and i think the idea of a dog nurse maid was a brilliant idea, we all treat our pets as part of the family and are upset when they’re turfed out in the cold!! this movie was loved by me thanks to my dad who insisted i watch it when i complained i was too grown up, now all these years later i still watch it and my two daughters love it too!! the only part that is slightly cruel is the mermaids who are jealous of wendy! still the film wouldn’t be the same without them and my daughters act out the scene in the bath with giggles all round!! we r all children at heart and this is one movie that brings that out in me!! and i agree, leave michael jackson out of it!!

  43. mandy

    i don’t get why you guys are saying the native women was saying squaw. the only women in that scene was Tiger Lily, the person saying squaw was her dad.

  44. Andrew

    I like the part where everyone’s acting like Kagehime DOESN’T KNOW THE STORY READ THE ORIGINAL when the topic is clearly about “Disney’s Peter Pan.” I would think everything should be considered in the context of the film, and only the film; and piece of information given by the original that is not present in the movie is irrelevent when analyzing it. I found that Peter Pan was a douche and I was shocked at how almost every character in Neverland tried to kill Wendy, usually out of mere jealousy, at least once. The exceptions are Peter who just cut off Hook’s hand and deliberately fed it to a crocodile and the “Indian” tribe who were willing to burn the Lost Kids on the baseless accusation they had kidnapped the chieftain’s daughter, and arguably the Lost Kids who had just been following orders at the time (but still didn’t hesitate).

    I understand that the original is supposed to be this dark tragedy, and that kids won’t think about this kind of stuff, but as an adult now viewing the film I can’t help but feel that the whole “fun imagination land” thing gives a rather unsettling irony when considering all the unpleasantness that goes on, treated with complete indifference by the film instead of those dark aspects being the whole point of the original.

    Not that I agree with most of the author’s points; I didn’t consider the film particularly sexist (especially considering the time period), and I found the racism to be more ridiculous than omg offensive.

    Alladin’s better anyway.

  45. Amy

    I think it’s an interesting topic indeed. I will only say, yes the movie is rather sexist, with Wendy being placed into the mother role while the boys have fun. However it does need to be said that it implies the need for women and mothers. In the book, Peter is quick to tell Wendy that one girl is worth more than 20 boys and that girls are far too clever to fall from their prams. The movie is so racist. What makes the red man red? Insinuating something must have happened to change him red? It’s still a great book though, really sad.

  46. Tatiana

    Its sad to see that most of the comments are: shut up this is stupid or thats so idiotic, I understand that the movie was made in the 1950s but thats not whats been discussed, the issue is how native american kids are seeing themselves potrayed in a disney movie. I never suffered racisms until about 15 years old, im hispanic and honestly I look white blue eyes black hair ivory skin; but because i was talking spanish they started calling me mexican, nothing wrong with mexican but im colombian. regardless its hard for someone to have an opinion regarding racism if you havent lived it yourself. Think about it, would you watch any show, regardless of when it was made, that straight forward treated black people as inferior, brute, less human? or a program where the rejected the LGT community? or maybe how womans place should be at home cooking and clianing for their husbands? No none of these things are acceptable nowadays because we kno better; but its still ok to dress up as little indians, call them red, or portray them as savage and warriors? we still have descrimination and we are still racist towards Native americans, but because its so “normal” to do so we dont see the malice of doing so; same as when 60 years ago there was no malice in calling afro americans “niggas”. We treat Native americans like we used to treat woman and Afroamericans a century ago, AND THATS my friend the point. Its not letting our children watch peter pan, is showing them the movie but explaining whats wrong and how that was how long ago woman and native americans were portryaed and how its wrong

  47. Cat

    Your a freaking idiot.
    You obviously dont know the original story, and dont plan on reading it.
    If you read the original, you’d understand much better.
    Peter treats her somewhat bad because he’s the man of the house, and also in charge. Things were diffrent in the 1900s and early 1950s for the movie.
    Why do people like you have to be so stupid and so freaking difficult. They have to change some things for it to be a real childrens movie. Stop being so technical with it, and watch it without being so idiotic.

  48. NikkiAlexandra

    Always kinda bothered me how Tink is treated like a sex object, mainly how she’s dressend and her vuluptuos body. Plus remember how when Peter Pan sprinkles the pixie dust on the kids he pats Tinkerbell on the ass while holding her wing so she can’t fly away? If you look at her face in the scene, every time he pats her its kinda right there Just sayin lol

  49. Geoff

    All these white people saying its not racist to call a native a “red” are hilarious. toss another small pox blanket on the fire cause whitie is here to tell us injuns whats racist and what isnt. Guess we will all just have to like it. You guys are ignorant as all get out. Its part sad part hilarious and I hate rampant PC but being an ignorant loser is ten times worse. The fact most of you actually think its ok to call injuns redmen frigging says it all about why your opinions are worthless tripe. Party on losers.

  50. I like this movie but don’t get me wrong. I thin that you should enjoy this movie when you a kid like I did when I was younger, and then move on from it when you get older if you feel the need to. I do find the whole part about “indians” very offensive considering I’m aboriginal. I enjoy the movie however not what is obviously hint towards.

  51. Tracey

    Wow gys! I have actually never watched Peter Pan and your interesting comments have filled me in. My goal was to learn about Indian steoreotpes in movies. from reading all your comments I now want to watch the movie, and hopefully come up witha different view or maybe not.

  52. Earthsong

    Why hasn’t anyone commented on the prejudice against Pirates? They’re clean industrious people, right?

    Political correctness is turning humanity into pretentious, dreary prunes. The author of this article is already one, obviously.

    Did this article really criticize Peter Pan because Michael Jackson considered it his favorite movie, and wanted forever to be a child?

    The day a person strips themselves of all the wonderment of their childhood is when they become capable of producing dull, misguided articles as above.

  53. Luke

    I’m a native American,& I don’t think there is anything wrong with this story. In fact, growing up this was my favorite story, & the movie was good too. Everyone seems to think that this ” children’s” movie is a personal attack on the American Indians, I just don’t see it that way. As for what made the red man red, someone could easily ask what made the white man white? Once a little girl did ask what made me red, of course she would not have asked if my friend hadn’t called me a red skin ( he has a racist hummer ) the only thing I could think of was this song. Only Because it is a cute way to answer the question, screw politicly correct .

  54. Just watched this movie for the first time ever. I’m 42 and I’ve seen Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying around in previews most of my life, but never saw this movie.

    I thought I’d give it a try because a female celebrity I like happens to love this story. I found Peter Pan to be arrogant and the type of hero you don’t have to worry what’s going to happen to him in the film, he always pulls through without even breaking a sweat because he never loses. Tinkerbell was treated as a sex object as we get views of her behind and underwear and this is supposed to be aimed at kids? And Tinkerbell is kinda a Disney Logo? Kinda tells you the type of company you’re dealing with. Can you argue naked mermaids are for children?

    I do understand the film was made in 1953 and do understand they weren’t worried about political correctness back then. I personally hate PC. Sexual references in kids’ films is inexcusable. The slightest drawing of a girl’s underwear in a film is deliberately drawn in by the artists, it’s not there by accident and approved by Disney since its their product.

    In closing, I didn’t like Peter Pan one bit. It’s amazing how some people rationalize the sexism in this film away by saying they saw the cartoon as a kid and everyone *doesn’t include me* thinks it’s a great film and so that makes it a great film. It’s a film I would never have in my library of films to share with my kids, not that I have any kids, but if I did…

  55. I seldom write remarks, but i did a few searching and wound up here Disneys Peter Pan is horrible | William
    and Mary Comics. And I do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be only me or does it look like some of these comments appear as if they are left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional online sites, I would like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of every one of all your communal pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    • stephanie b

      I just can’t understand how some of you let blind nostalgia shove you into denial like this. A lot of you keep saying “I’m not racist…” no one said you were, we’re saying the MOVIE is! You can like something old and dated and still acknowledge its stereotypes. I might have been okay with a bunch of dumb stereotypes but what ruined it for me was the whole ” we’re bored white kids…let’s go hunt and maybe kill some people who have really been killed in real life! Good times!” That’s what ruined it for me. And I’m positive white folks are going to come up with a bunch of examples of children’s violence in other shows and good for you, you know some things! Its so easy to glorify bad traditions and mediocrity but we look critically at the past to create an excellent future. If the whole world was constantly like “meh, I don’t see it”…then where would we be? We can do better.

  56. Shay

    To Charlotte, I don’t think the film was trying to be ironic or make a statement through obvious sexism and racism. I think the novels accomplished that but Disney made a mistake in trying to translate the books into a children’s film but still keeping the darker undertones. Children don’t really understand the social commentary and I don’t think Disney was trying to make a political statement either. The film was blatantly sexist and racist and yes, calling Native Americans “Red” is definitely racist. I know a lot of Disney films have little references or ideas that only adults would get but they’re normally subtle, this film didn’t try to hide any of those darker themes that the books had. Disney has created quite a few sexist and racist films but this one was just sad in the fact that the books were so great and the story could have easily been changed to suit children better without the more controversial themes but Disney failed bad here. You cannot have a political statement or ironic discrimination being made in a children’s film, it just doesn’t work. Simple as that.

  57. Pingback: Propaganda in Disney-Filmen? | Doku24HD

  58. Anna

    I agree with the article. My question is why the need to remake disturbing stories into child stories? As a kid I loved Disney movies but I did not understand them completely. For example, some of the songs or language used I couldn’t depict. As I watch some of the movies now Im starting to make connections on how I unconsciously learned unnecessary information due to the subliminal messages in these movies. The mind is an amazing tool we have. To control our mind is power. They’ve been training our mind for so long that only some can see it. Spend more time with your children don’t let tv raise them especially Disney because you might end up with a Miley Cyrus.

  59. Lila

    Wow the trolls on this website were rampant. I agree with the article as well. Thought I enjoy some Disney movies I always hated Peter Pan even as a young child. As a child I felt it was unfair that Wendy had to cook and clean and tell stories while everyone else did far more fun things. I’ve also read elsewhere the original book was also racist and sexist.

  60. Arty Weird

    An din the end good triumphs over evil and the children return to reality leaving fantasy behind.

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