Good but unknown manga

Hey everyone,

I guess the title should be good, but relatively unknown if you want to be specific. People have heard of these I would think since I have, but I’ve gotten funny looks for telling people the names of some of these.

For starters there’s Penguin Revolution by Tsukuba Sakura who is also the manga-ka of The Land of the Blindfolded. Penguin Revolution is a shoujo that follows the life of a girl who sees star talent in the form of wings. She eventually becomes the manager of someone that is very talented but is in the lowest ranking of stars at the company he works for. She claims she wants to be a government worker but is that really what she wants?

Next there is Urooboe Uroboros which is a one shot with the art by Obata Takeshi who also drew Death Note and Hikaru no Go. Its only a one shot which means its a story in the size of a chapter. Its kind of strange but the main guy looks a lot like L. There’s a lot of fighting squeezed into 50 or so pages, but its interesting. There’s a super powerful girl who’s over protective of her clumsy sister and she scares the entire school. The guy that looks a lot like L is new to the town and the only one not to fear her. This shounen is a good short read, but I’m not sure how or when it’ll come to the US. It wouldn’t feel up a book.

Lastly, but not least is Ludwig Kakumei by Yuki Kaori, the manga-ka of Angel Sanctuary and Count Kain. This dark shoujo is as addictive as it is dark. Ludwig, the prince of a country is sent to find a bride. He comes across the women from fairy tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Red Riding Hood. Thing is their stories are not the ones you were read at bedtime as a child. Read this if you’re into dark humor. (And for people who already know this manga and have been reading it. I’ve heard that the Manga-ka is continuing this manga again because Count Kain is over. I for one am looking forward to more twisted fairy tales).



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  1. elppa

    *gasp* I love penguin revolution

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