Awesomeness in Farsi

Hey everyone,

I found this awesome clip of Final Fantasy Advent Children on Youtube in Farsi. I didn’t know anime was popular in Iran until I saw that clip. They have voice actors (rather awesome ones I’ll say) and dub the animations that they want. Its unfortunate that I don’t speak Farsi, but I still found it interesting. The wheelchair man (Does anyone know his name?) and Tifa have the most awesome voices ever.Tifa

Some how I feel like I abused the word awesome, but this dub deserves the abuse and not to say that the Japanese dub wasn’t good, because of course it was excellent.




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2 responses to “Awesomeness in Farsi

  1. I know! I understand it very well and didn’t realise it was popular over there! My friends think Reno’s voice actor is hilarious even though they don’t understand persian. The man in the chair is Rufus. I’m trying to look for a torrent of this movie but no success so far. Sorry for a late post!

    • Kevin

      Do you know where I can get the whole movie in farsi? I would love to watch Farsi Anime of any kind. It’ll be good practice

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