Spring Break Music

Its Spring Break and its lovely out here. I am listing a few songs for your ear. See if you like it.

One of the best anime songs is  Ningyo Hime, the ending for Chobits. It really melts my heart to hear it since I am a dork who loves soft melodic music.

The opening for Lain  is pretty good as well.  Paradise Kiss wins hands down for having the best amount of songs with the greatest number of songs you can actually dance to in an anime.

Paradise Kiss’s opening and the  Paradise Kiss’s most awesome Franz Ferdinand ending are quite a delight for the musically inclined.




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3 responses to “Spring Break Music

  1. divinevenus

    I love all the opening songs and of nana especially rose. i like also the moon on the water vy anime beck

  2. adelia_ichigo

    I like manga very much……………….
    I want to rtead all comics in the world……
    if can I want to meet with aoyama……………
    I don’t know what can i said now…..haha

  3. chakameh

    hi,please send anime picture 2 my email

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