Fight to the top

Hey everyone,

It’s a long and hard journey to become jiang and stay there in Korean Manhwa. A jiang is a boss of a gang in Korean. Each high school (I the manhwas I’ve read anyways) have their own jiang who strive to be the lead jiang. In both Red Lion and Hot Blooded Woman the jiangs are female. Neither are the most cultured people you’ll ever meet or the smartest people on the block, but they both fight well and are actually pretty. In both manhwa all of their troubles come from the men who love them and sometimes the love is actually a perversion of love. They also manage to get with the best looking guy in the manhwa. The problem I had with both of these is that these women are supposedly strong but they are always in trouble, getting hurt, or kidnapped. Hot Blooded Woman took this to an extreme well the situation in Red Lion was more understandable but about just as unlikely.


Cover of Volume 1 Hot Blooded Woman


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