Scary Haruhi Stuff?

Hey everyone,

I didn’t think Haruhi Suzumiya was scary but apparently some people out there do and this picture seems to support that. I’m not personally afraid of Haruhi, but the clip where she follows your pointer from your mouse around is kind of erie.

This amv suggests that Haruhi is a monster. What do you think? The song goes really well with the whole SOS brigade theme though and so does the original music video. They find the Loch Ness monster and big foot and don’t even seem to notice much like Haruhi doesn’t notice anything. Well I Haruhi is definitely a bigger monster than the other members in her club.

One more thing that kind of creeped me out. Look at the number of people doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance. They even have dolls and action figures doing the dance in stop go film. Even the Evas from Evangelion have gotten in on the action. That makes for too much Hare Hare Yukai action for me, but even so it is amusing to see.


Haruhi fight

Kinda looks like their ganging up on Haruhi to me.



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3 responses to “Scary Haruhi Stuff?

  1. rapha

    this game have download??????

  2. Sofiahorse

    idk where to get this game but BAO JVOI! lol u dont get it? then fyi, iaa!

  3. Sara

    I really agree. Haruhi is a beast. A really funny beast xD
    Can I also ask what game is that?

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