Who’s the fairest of them all? Light eyes and Hair in Anime

Usually, one would expect the extent of a work, especially a graphic novel, to reflect the physical characteristics of the inhabitants, except for some divergences. Manga is also an art form, notoriously influenced by Disney, that emphasizes to put it crudely, large eyes, big faces and childlike figures. But I have always noticed that in the majority of manga especially, one would see in either (1) the main love interest (2) The main protogonist (3) the main evil villain the prescence of extremely light hair and eyes. I wonder, why is it so?

Is this a reference to dying one’s hair, a sort of a fashion statement? is the person who’s potrayed making a daring fashion statement. Physical appearance is rarely unintentional. When a significant number of manga star blond haired blue eyed protagonists, there must be some dynamics to it. For example, every high school t.v. show in America has the blond haired cheerleader and a dark haired protagonist if he was a man. But I am not exactly sure why a land that is overwhelmingly dark haired and eyed stars so many light eyed and haired protagonists unless it might refer to a local dynamic: to a sort of implied character, perhaps wild, curious? The only characteristic that I remember light hair, for example, being associated with is innocence. Does blond hair connotate innocence or naivety?


Perhaps, it is a reflection on fashion trends. These are a bunch of Japanese popstars just from the top of my head and many of them have dyed hair.

Perhaps it just looks better and is more creative which is why we see many white haired villains. Or perhpas, since manga and anime is a bunch of wish fulfillment, it is a fantasy with all the things one would wish to have along with the ability to save the world.




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5 responses to “Who’s the fairest of them all? Light eyes and Hair in Anime

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  2. Well..I Just Love Japan XD
    Of course.. but anyway.. Did U make those first pictures or did you found them on Google? o___O’

  3. the girl

    The first image you showed is Naruto. His hair is naturally blonde not dyed. The place he lives in is completely fiction so you cannot assume everyone there is japanees and is dying their hair.The second is Misa from Death Note, she is a model and most likeley dyed her hair blonde. She is not the main character or love interest, she is just annoying. If you look lots of anime and manga have interesting main characters, Bleach (Ichigo has red hair), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Kamina has Blue Hair, so does Simon, and Yokos is pinky) and there are too many examples to list. The fact is, Anime and Manga artists will incorporate any colour into hair and eyes without a second thought, it’s just the way it is. Harajuku fashion is the pics of the two girls on steps and the 5 people posing, it is a fashion statement and lots of fun to dress up and cosplay. Shame nothing like that really happens here on a large scale.

  4. Świetne.Będę tu zaglądał.Szkoda że ANGIELSKI JEST DLA MNIE TAKI TRUDNY.

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