Manga to put on your reading list

Hey everyone,

There’s a lot of manga out there that deserve to be noticed. I’m not saying they should get a naruto or bleach fan base or anything, but I think more people should know about them and read them.

I have to say I started reading Superior, because it looked so stupid. Basically it was a joke, but then I got addicted to it. But isn’t that usually the case? That’s how I started watching Pokemon. (Of course I don’t anymore, but that first season was pretty good). Anyways this manga is about a hero who was sent out to kill the demon lord, but somehow or other she ends of joining his group and falling in love with him. And the whole time she has to hide her true identity. Sounds implausible I know, but it is funny and the art is really beautiful.

I like The Hour of the Mice of a completely different reason. It’s a seinen manga about a supposed private academy for gifted students that’s actually a research lab. Once these test subjects realize that their school is also a research lab and they’re just guinea pigs (or mice in reference to the title) they want to escape. The truth is brought to the school by a mysterious student that only one boys seems to faintly remember. Is there something else going on here? Read and find out.

I hope you enjoy



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