Planted Websites

Hey everyone,

The TV shows that we love some times have websites that are planted by the networks in order to bring them more attention. Lost has a website for the oceanic plane company, like people were interested in flying on there planes. Look what happened to Oceanic flight 815. Are you interested in traveling on that airline? Luckly for us all flights have been cancelled. Look there are even commercials for oceanic. There’s also a news broadcast showing what would happen to you if you could actually ride on anOceanic flight.

I’m not actually sure if this Heroes page is a plant by the network. I only assume that it is. It looks real too which is impressive. Are you ready to activate evolution and do you want to save children like Dr. Suresh’s sister, Shanti who died of a mysterious illness that only exists in Heroes? There are interviews and resouces on the site. Not to mention that there’s a Takezo Kensei documentary on a Yamagato Fellowship website. It actually has me wondering if the book written by Suresh’s father was really written (if only in part).

Do you agree with me that this is going a bit too far? What if someone saw that news broadcast and thought it was real or donated money to save children ill with the mysterious illness?



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