Animated Music Videos

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Usually I would never put Linkin’ Park in the same sentence as Britney Spears, but in this case I do. Britney’s new music video, Break the Ice, is animated in a similar manner as Linkin’ Park’s Breaking the Habit. Both videos are highly influenced by anime. Britney’s video takes place in an imaginary Korean place, while Linkin’ Park’s takes place in an imaginary Japan. Of course Linkin’ Park’s video came out first so what’s with the similar title? I mean why does Britney have to break something too? I don’t think anime makes me think of breaking something.

Well Britney may have done an animated video to once again have a good figure, just not in real life. Linkin’ Park on the other hand has shown plenty of anime influences in their music videos.


animated brit


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  1. my favorite music videos are those of Lady Gaga, they are quite weird but very cool ,”

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