Sonic cartoons in the 90s

Hey everyone,

I was looking at cartoons from the 90s and saw that there were three sonic cartoons out of which I knew about two.

There was The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog which was really funny and made Robotnik look like an idiot. Here is henchmen were bots Scratch and Grounder. For some reason I always like Scratch. I can’t say why though. I also knew about Sonic Sat Am in which Robotnik was a scary dictator and had Snively, a creepy looking henchman and a lot of robots at his disposal. So Robotnik went from being funny to scary in a few years time spand. The last of the sonic series to air in the 90s was sonic underground. Some how I never heard of this one until just the other day and I kind of want to see it now. There were different characters (knuckles replaced tails?) and they all have weapon instruments.

Sonic has made his appearance in at least one movie, some comics, a lot of video games and the series Sonic X.

So which sonic series is your favorite? I think mine was the Sat Am one.



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