Sorcerers and Secretaries

Hey everyone,

I’m one of those people that are a little skeptical about the quality of American “manga,” but when I come across a good one I still know its good. Being skeptical I was reluctant to pick up Sorcerers and Secretaries. I mean its obviously not Japanese. The style and the mangaka ‘s name (yes I’m calling her a mangaka because she deserves to be called whatever she wants to be). But when I started reading it I fell in love with the story. Amy Kim Ganter’s Sorcerers and Secretaries is awesome. She was the third place winner in the Tokyo Pop’s Rising stars of Manga contest in the fourth contest for her story “The Hopeless Romantic and the Hapless Girl” which inventually led to her getting Sorcerers and Secretaries published.

She has also done the art for Diner Dash. That game that for one reason or other is all over the Internet. Oh and her website has some pretty awesome pics and other interesting things like a webcomic.

So from this I learned a lesson I probably should have known already and have been told all my life “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Just because the art looks different than what would normally be considered manga doesn’t mean that its not manga.

I recommend to to anyone who likes a good romance. It has a whole lot of fantasy, that is somehow still realistic.




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