Old School Batman

In lieu of the new Batman coming out soon, I felt it was only right to look back at one of the greatest Batman’s of all. The 1960’s version with Adam West has become underrated in the past few decades. Thanks to the darker and more action packed movies with Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, the lighthearted days of Batman the T.V. series are gone. Of course some directors tried to pay homage to the older series in the versions with Mr. Freeze (George Clooney) and The Riddler (Val Kilmer), but sadly, those versions failed to stand up to the latter blockbusters.

What made the show so great was its light-hearted humor. There were no dark sinister villains. Batman never tried to kill the villains, only put them in prison. What made him great, was that he didn’t take himself too seriously. Instead he stayed true to the original comicbook style. If you need more evidence of the light, playful tone, check out this scene:




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