Megaman overload

Hey everyone,

Like Megaman? Well New Horizon is the place to go. It has links to fan comics such as Bob and George which are really funny (especially if you love Megaman). Get your rockman info there and chat with other fans.

I unfortunately am not a hardcore fan of Megaman, but I found this site to be kind of cool. The fans absolutely love him.

megaman ntMegaman NT


So which do you like better the original Megaman aka rockman or the new NT version? Oh and has anyone beaten those notoriously hard games?




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2 responses to “Megaman overload

  1. I think they are simalar but I also think it would be cool if he was red and had more armore not much but more than a weird jet pack thing and sholder pads other than that they are still pretty awsome.

  2. I prefer Megaman NT.

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