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I just saw Persepolis and I liked the way they kept the feel of the Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novels about her life in around and her experiences leaving it. It was co-directed by her so she was able to make sure the art and humor were the same and flowed the way she wanted it to, although there differences between the novels and the movie. For one there was the music that really enhanced the whole feature. It went from the eye of the tiger which is one of my favorite scenes to really hard core rock. The movie’s in French with some sprinkling of English. It’s also entirely in black in white except for the scenes that take place closer to the present.The movie managed to show that as a child that although she really didn’t understand what was going on around her that it all affected her behavior directly.

Here’s an article with some more background info on Satrapi and its correctly named Confessions of Miss Mischief. I think its awesome that she speaks six languages. I would like her to speak at commencement, but what’s the chance of a small college in Virginia getting her? We’ll probably get some weird political dude instead. I think she would be an awesome speaker. I mean she outwitted Stephen Colbert on his own show. If the college doesn’t get her to speak maybe the comix club here could find her. I wonder how much it would cost to bring her here. I doubt the club has enough money, but maybe if we worked with others we would have enough. I wonder if she would be willing to speak though. It would be awesome if she did or if I had the chance to meet her.

Well here’s a short comic of Satrapi’s preconceived notions of going to West Point, what she wanted to happen, and what actually did. I hope that if you haven’t read any of her graphic novels or seen the movie that you do. If you have then feel free to comment.


Punk is not DedA scene that was both funny and kind of scary at the same time as was much of the movie which shows that she has a great sense of humor.



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