Simpsons worse for children than Baywatch?

Hey everyone,

Well Venezuelan TV just took the Simpsons off air because it was consider to inappropriate for children. Which may be true, considering how many parents here didn’t let their children watch simpsons when they were growing up. But it wasn’t like they put something more child friendly in its place. They just put on Baywatch: Hawaii. I understand its an 11 am time slot and here that’s around the beginning of soap opera time. What do you think about switching The Simpsons for Baywatch? Do you think it was just that they think children were more likely to watch Simpsons because its a cartoon and they just replaced it with something they don’t think they’ll watch?





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2 responses to “Simpsons worse for children than Baywatch?

  1. emperorbananaketchup

    Hey….I lurrrve The Simpsons, and Venezuelan TV’s decision to ban this series brings into mind a case that has happened during my childhood, when then-President Marcos decided to “ban” Japanese giant-robot anime series like Mazinger Z and Voltes V from my country’s TV because they were “violent”.

  2. Interesting question…. Yeah, I think they pulled it off because -like you said- children would be more likely to watch it (and parents would let them watch it) because it’s a cartoon. I don’t think it’s appropriate for young children personally.

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