A summer of heroes

Hey everyone,

This summer so many hero or superpower movies with a heavy emphasis on comics are coming out its ridiculous. What exactly does this say about our society? Are we in a desperate search for a hero and why? Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions I can only list the upcoming films and give a suggestion. Maybe we feel that the world is coming apart around us and we have no control over it.

Iron Man Not as popular as Spiderman or Batman. Let’s see how he does.

Indiana Jones Number 4 in the series. It has the Soviet Union (Thank goodness no Nazis) and Shia LeBouf (Hope he’s better than in Transformers)

Incredible Hulk Yet another Hulk movie I hope it’s better than the last one.

Wanted A young man is trained to be an assassin with super powers after his father his killed. His life was mundane until he meets Fox aka Angelina Jolie. The special effects and stunts look awesome for this one. This movie has a nemesis that already came out Jumper. It’s basically Samuel L Jackson versus Morgan Freeman. Look at their hair.

Rambo How Old are you Sylvester Stallone?

Hellboy 2 I liked the first Hellboy, but I didn’t know that it had done well enough to make a second film.

Hancock Will Smith as a super hero need I say more?

The Dark Knight I’m expecting this to be good. Heath Ledger was apparently so scary as the joker in one scene that Michael Caine forgot his lines.

There’s also movie called Hero Wanted. Kung Fu Panda and Prince Caspian have heroes as well.


superhero movie Did they do the spoof too early? I’m sure this movie season will be spoof worthy as well. Think there’ll be a superhero movie 2? Or is that asking too much of these serialistic spoofs.


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One response to “A summer of heroes

  1. Some thought on the films mentioned:

    Indiana Jones 4: only so many times can I watch ‘I’m old and still kicking ass with aching bones’ jokes or gags before it is boring. This could be the case here.

    Iron Man: marketing machine has got me and other fan boys salivating for this one – I even bought the 12 inch toy (guilty).

    Hellboy 2: saw the firsdt and it earned a chance for me to go back again.

    Wanted: the comic mini series it is adapting was dark evil mo fo goodness that cannot ever be totally recaptured on film but I will give it achance.

    Dark Knight: like Hellboy, it earned my return for the sequel.

    Hancock: Mr. Smith just doesn’t bomb – even when his movies do, so I will give him achance (besides loved the latest trailer).

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