Really Bad Anime


I really love anime and sometimes I even end up watching bad anime from beginning to end become I got addicted to it somehow. But there is some anime that I could barely get through the first episode. I’m sure some people would like them, but I’m definitely not a big fan of either Dai Mahou Touge or Cosprayers. I’m not even sure why I tried watching either of these. I don’t even know if they were dubbed.

In Dai mahou Touge a princess from another world must spend a year on earth in order to be able to inherit the the throne. She appears to be a cute, happy, and kind child, but in reality she is anything but. This anime really makes the viewer seem to be on drugs (not that I’ve ever tried any). There are talking vegetables that are basically shown commiting suicide and tons of bipolar and psychotic activity. Sure it sounds interesting but it was really to crazy for me and I thought I could take a lot of craziness. If you like pure craziness this is for you.

As for Cosprayers, well its basically ecci with a ridiculous plot. Sometimes that works, but not for this… A girl accidently seals away Amaterasu, the sun goddess and ends up in a different world from which she can’t return. Basically I thought it was too stupid to watch. The main girl was a bit too stupid and clumsy for me to handle. If someone could get past that its probably ok to watch.

Well that’s it for the worst anime I’ve ever watched. What’s the worst you’ve ever seen?




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15 responses to “Really Bad Anime

  1. The worst anime I ever watched is DragonBall Z..and’s so badly drawn, and it’s just plain stupid.

    also I don’t like Super Gals’s quite boring for me I think..

    And then there is Shin-chan…I just can’t stand to watch it because the drawings are so awful.

  2. Rachael

    wat people think are bad other peole think are good….

  3. midwintermoon

    Worst anime? Yu-gi-oh. I couldn’t get over the character design. There is no metaphor to describe that spiky, multicolored thing shooting out of Yugi’s head that the viewer is probably meant to assume is his hair. No offense meant to anyone who likes that show, of course. I agree with Rachael: to each his own.

  4. nyx

    Hey, I like yugioh! It was actually creative in an ironic kind of way.

  5. Jen

    Thanks for mentioning Dai mahou Touge. I remembered vegetables sacrificing themselves which was pure hilarity and forgot where it was from. You think it’s really that bad? I must say I disagree. I laughed my ass off. 😀

    Of course, pot helps.

  6. nallely liliana

    sus animes apestas guacala guacala

  7. nallely liliana

    apestan sus animes

  8. Honestly you guys, no one is listing the truly horrific stuff. Has anyone seen Black Lion? Psychic Wars? Vampire Wars? Devilman (dubbed)? Debutante Detective Agency? BIG WARS?!

    Those only tip the bad scale. Just because you don’t like an anime, doesn’t mean it’s bad–but the ones listed here. OH GOD. The art, dubbing, plot, EVERYTHING are out of whack.

    • sonic x hellsing devilman lady gantz season 4.5.6. of digimon black lagoon highshcool of the dead elfen laid ikki touson ben 10-alien force lucky star transformers armada cybertron energeon and galexy force queen blade berserk those are all the shitty’es animes i can think of.

    • hil

      I thought devilman is cool….peach girl sucks though…

  9. Nik

    l-lol, i like dragon ball z. and dude, yu-gi-oh was the bomb

    but i have to say i don’t like pandora hearts’ animation style.
    i hardly watched the first episode because it looked like something from chobits in victorian era costumes
    a bad anime is shin chan
    it sucks. everywhere.
    i absolutely agree with hokori. there are some baaaaad ones out there
    baaaaaaaaad. if you think dbz and yugioh is bad you haven’t seen anything yet.

  10. Miran-chan

    I vaugely remember seeing an Indonesian anime (Yes, it’s still an anime). It was a piece of shit. I think it was about some prince getting some Hindu girl and there was a talking blue tiger……..Then Posideon came out of nowhere and like, ate the tiger!

  11. asadzarrar

    polar bear cafe….shiba inuko-san….worst animes of all time….period

  12. Kiri Nyan

    Fanimes are pretty damn bad, and sometimes some ecchis are boring as there’s all fanservice and no plot.
    Drangonball z and yugioh are kinda boring, but they’re pretty famous I guess.

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