Princess Tutu

princess tutu

Princess Tutu was an anime that at first I didn’t believe I would like.  It sounded rather childish, well except for people’s comments that it was darker than it appeared. But I needed something to watch one day and I wondered what could be dark about Princess Tutu.  The name sounds like it belongs to something nice and happy, but as I watched the show everything I thought about it proved to be wrong.

It may not have the best art in an anime, which detered someone I know from watching the series, but it had awesome music from operas and ballets.  Every episode opened with the music to one. It also made me really interested in swan lake, considering that it is based off that. It also made me realize that I had not seen ballet in a long time and I kind of missed seeing it.  It of course is darker than the title would suggest and is sad like swan lake.

Here’s an amv called Hold Me that I think shows the spirit and pain of the characters and the lack of control they have over their lives. Basically its my favorite Princess Tutu Amv.  The good Swedish song helps and the timing of the video.

Watch this anime if you like romance, ballet, opera, fairy tales, magic girls, and epic battles against evil and the struggle for free will.




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4 responses to “Princess Tutu

  1. Rachael

    yay someone who appreciates princess tutu not a lot of people lik it i dunno y i guess the title does throw yu off it is really dark though i think there are more people who lik this than hate princess tutu yu should read the manga i heard its horrible but that doesnt mean yu shouldnt try it right….

  2. midwintermoon

    “May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy it be granted glory.”
    -Quote from the anime

    At times it seems like a little kid’s show, and at other times it’s dark and complicated. I agree that the main theme is destiny vs. free will.

  3. modernmonalisa

    My cousin told me about Princess Tutu, and it’s been one of my favorite anime series (though I haven’t finished it yet). I love the concept of stories mingling with reality, and the characters struggling with the parts they’ve been assigned to play and trying to find ways to subvert the narrative. I also love the music and ballet, since I used to do ballet 🙂
    And if you’re familiar with any of the plots of the ballets they feature in each episode, you’ll notice that the episode is based on that ballet, just like the story as a whole is based on Swan Lake.

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