Hey everyone,

I’m sure most of you know about MegaTokyo by Fred Gallagher even if you’re not reading it.  Its the long running webcomic that has popularized or at least semi popularized L33t.  You know that computer language using numbers and symbols instead of letters that is sometimes annoying.  Well, this very popular doujinshi has been put into manga books and from what I hear my be sold in Japan very soon.  How often does that happen?

Throughout the course of the webcomic, Fred’s artwork has improved greatly.  It went from sparsely detailed backgrounds and people to his own characteristic style.  I’m glad to have seen and still see his development as an artist.  Sometimes the plot of the story is a bit shaky and doesn’t seem to get anywhere, but recently its becoming really interesting. Also, the characters have grown from their original “gamer dude” and girless selves in the beginning.  I wonder if this reflects maturation on the part of the artist/writer.  It does seem to be as I have followed the rants over time as well.




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