Tired of the tragic hero archtype

Is the world a fundamentally just place? This question has been under the driving pulse of many graphic novels, all featuring the tragic hero. But does the main character (hero/heroine) always have to be so tragic? Can he not be dastardly, cruel, vicious, cold and the utter rarity – comic.

I have not seen a truly funny main character in a graphic novel in a long time except perhaps autobiographical ones (because don’t we all have to laugh at ourselves).  Humor in graphic novels for some unknown reason has been relegated to the reliable side kick or the three dollar issue of Archie comics on the aisle in the super market. Which is a shame considering Archie Comics has been a real treat. Three thumbs to Jughead who is a metaphor for the finite infinite universe. None of the other characters make much sense.

But comedy is the perfect medium for a graphic novel and Its high time we had a non mopping non wimpy non agonizing funny in a non sarcastic manner main character. So if any artists are reading, please do listen.



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  1. YongJoon

    You should look into the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, by Brian Lee O’Malley. Humorous and action-packed, with healthy doses of anime, video games, music, and other pop culture thrown in for good measure, they maintain a balance of pacing, tone, and substance that is basically unparalleled in the world of indie and underground comics today.

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