UN gets Spidey’s help

So now the UN has paired up with Marvel, yes Marvel the comic book company Marvel, on comic to show Spiderman fighting alongside UN peace keepers and aid workers. So what is this supposed to accomplish? That the UN peace keepers and aid workers are heroes too.  A lot of people seem negative about this calling it desperate in the case of John Bolton, former US envoy to UN, and maybe it is but it sounds like good propaganda to me.  Show the kids that the UN is cool and heroic and that they could possibly one day do these jobs is the goal.  The kids that were asked in the article seemed upbeat about it except for the one little boy who claimed he didn’t believe in any superheroes and so didn’t like them.  The artists seem upbeat too because a lot of them are willing to work on this without pay.

So how much influence does Spidey have? We’ll have to wait for 2009 for the comic to come out.



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