Cartoon Skeletons

All museums have interesting things, but some are more interesting than others.  In the natural history museum of Basel, Switzerland there was an exhibit called Animatus of skeletons of cartoon characters (It ran until August 31 so I guess its somewhere else now).   So if you walked in you would see Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry among other favorites except for they would be all bone.  This exhibit was created by the Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee.  I think its kind of cool if not just a little creepy. What do you think?




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5 responses to “Cartoon Skeletons

  1. I think this picture is pretty neat

  2. briana

    hi yes i wont if there are any other cartoons that you or anybody can draw iam doing a report.

    thank you

  3. shatia

    yes i love to draw all sorts of pictures im the schools little artist and i have a deep entrust in art

  4. shatia

    anime helps me become a better artist if you want to see some art i drew go to and search bleach and you can see what i drew

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