Artists during WWI

You can’t underestimate the power of comics.   After WWI an artist was actually dubbed “The man who won the war” by a general.  Comics have the ability to boost morale and get people to look at issues from different angles.  The article Brushes and Bayonets at BBC talks mostly about the UK during WWI, but I think its relavent to now.  Americans need a boost in morale.  If a cartoonist can be credited as “The man who won the war”  cartoonists can do a lot now.  We’ve got a lot of soldiers overseas now that are probably worried about what’s going on at home and wondering why their even over there.  We’ve got people over here worried about the state of things.

Now if you’ve read Watchmen, Alan Moore suggests that more things are sexualized during times of high tension so that people will not worry about the cause or what will happen. Over the years I think more things (and age groups) have become sexualized by I’m not sure with its connected to this.  I don’t think that this is the right way to go.  Its not best to make people over look things, but instead to get them to feel good about something.  What do you think about this?



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