The William and Mary Comics is a complementary asset to our club that is based in William and Mary and contains, anime, manga and other posts. Please email us with any questions.


2 responses to “About

  1. Dear William & Mary,

    I am writing from Fluid Friction Comics (www.fluidfriction.com)

    We are an international publisher of comics based in Hong Kong, with a team of writers and artists 50% of whom are from the Eastern & 50% who are from the Western comic industries. Currently we are the only international comics company in HK and publish in English and Chinese.

    The company is owned by a chap from India, a chap from England and a girl from HK.

    Our premiere series is inspired by the Mahabharata an ancient piece of Indian mythology and specifically on the life of Karna.

    Some of this content may be interesting for your blog and it would be great to get in contact. I could not find an email address for you so I am leaving this message.

    My email is spencer@fluidfriction.com

    Thank you,


  2. Suzie

    Dear William & Mary,

    I am writing an essay on peter pan for english and would like to use Kagehime’s review called Disney’s Peter Pan is Horrible.

    I would like to ask if i can use it (or part of it) for my essay for i think the revew shows that not everyone likes peter pan

    yours sincerely


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