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Comics from Around the World – India

A PBS commentator once remarked that India has always been a land of vision, of the eyes. It can be seen in its 3000 year old history, in its carvings of gods and demons as well as its present day multimillion dollar Bollywood film industry. The visual medium occupies a high degree of respect in India and this has translated into India being one of those countries that has a great number of comics.

The reason for the profusion of comics is simple. First, it is the history in India of visual art – almost all of Indian epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are depicted either through drama, play or drawings. Sculptures and idols are enormously popular, mostly due to the influence of Hinduism, India’s indigenous religion. The second is the great amount of young adults in India – India has one of the youngest population in the world. Because of this demand, entertainment in India is targeted towards children. Children are also great consumers of comics. Third is the strength of storytelling in India and the budding comic industry.

India is very much a traditional country and globalization has not affected its indigenous comic industry. Most of the comics tend to be mediocre with low production values but the most famous comic, the Amar Chitra Katha (translated into Eternal Stories) are the most famous as their production values are good and their stories are absolutely amazing.

The stories in Amar Chitra Katha are specifically Indio-centric, dealing with the neverending yarns and tales in Ancient India which are tremendously entertaining. India might be one of the only countries where traditional stories have not died but are played out through modern visual mediums like graphic novels.  They mostly deal with Hindu/Buddhist/Jain tales that end before 9th century BCE though they also deal with the saga of “Akbar and Birbal”, the story of a Mughal emperor and his smart Hindu courtier, set in the Mughal era. They avoid the contempary era with a vengance and usually the contempory era stories tend to some of the most weakly plotted.

Here is an example of Amar Chitra Katha’s Akbar and Birbal series.

Here is also a comic that I found with a Chinese character. Comics that star non-Indian characters are usually extremely rare in Indian comics.

There are several comics in India – Tinkle (that focuses on contempory issues, on children’s issues specifically), Amar Chitra Katha (focuses on Hindu/Sikh/Jain mythology, Akbar/Birbal, usually past history), Panchatantra (a morality tale with animals) and Chacha Chaudary (the oldest and the most inane Indian comic). I will update as soon as possible and try to increase your International knowledge, even a little bit.




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Creating a Graphic Novel

Like most people who would read this, I’ve always dreamed of creating or helping to create a graphic novel (or comic book, or manga, or whatever you wish to call it). And now that I’ve gotten involved with Comix, I finally have the chance. I’m still new to the process myself, and working as an artist on multiple projects. There may be other guides like this on the internet, but I did a quick google search and only drawing guides came up. So here’s the process in a nutshell (sorry if it seems to come mainly from an artist’s perspective):

Brainstorming–This is typically the author’s job, though it may be done collaboratively. Inspiration doesn’t always rain from the heavens. For a comic to be born, there first needs to be an idea. And then that idea has to be nurtured into a story, preferably one with a plot, or at least one that’s entertaining.

Writing–Create a script, or find an author to make one for you. It may be written in a screenplay format and include paneling guidelines, or it may not and leave that entirely up to the artist.

Design–All right, so you’ve got a script and know how many characters there are. But what do they all look like? What does their setting look like? Sketch, erase, sketch more, alter, experiment, perfect. Draw out the floor plan of your villain’s evil lair; know what every angle of your heroine’s outfit looks like;

Drawing–Done in pencil, as light as possible. Don’t worry about the panel lines being exactly straight or the dialog being legible.

Inking–This may be done by the main artist or by a secondary artist. Once the drawings are done, they need to be traced in ink, usually by a black marker with an ultra fine tip or a black pen that won’t smudge. The panel outlines and words are the only things left un-inked.

Scanning–Once the drawings are inked, the lines will be dark enough for a scanner to copy them into your computer. Any lines left un-inked will either not show up on the scanned version at all, or be incredibly faint.

Digital editing–Once you’ve scanned the artwork, this can be done using a program such as Photoshop or Photofiltre or even Microsoft Paint. First edit out any traces of un-inked lines. Then create the panels around the pictures–they’ll turn out much straighter on the computer than they would by hand. Then type the dialog into the speech balloons. Maybe you’ve noticed, but all the words in comic books are typically written in ALL CAPS. They’re also, normally, in rounded fonts such as Comic Sans. Finally, add shading and any other special effects to make it look professional.

Printing–Print out each beloved page of the creation you, and probably others, have slaved over for the past few days/weeks/months. This may be done in color or black and white. Your manga/graphic novel is now complete.

And lastly, enter it in a contest or find some other way to get it published. Good luck!


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Funny clip

Hey, check this out. There’s a fruits basket- loving Princess. She gets attacked by a Koi and rides on a frog. What more do you need?


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A summer of heroes

Hey everyone,

This summer so many hero or superpower movies with a heavy emphasis on comics are coming out its ridiculous. What exactly does this say about our society? Are we in a desperate search for a hero and why? Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions I can only list the upcoming films and give a suggestion. Maybe we feel that the world is coming apart around us and we have no control over it.

Iron Man Not as popular as Spiderman or Batman. Let’s see how he does.

Indiana Jones Number 4 in the series. It has the Soviet Union (Thank goodness no Nazis) and Shia LeBouf (Hope he’s better than in Transformers)

Incredible Hulk Yet another Hulk movie I hope it’s better than the last one.

Wanted A young man is trained to be an assassin with super powers after his father his killed. His life was mundane until he meets Fox aka Angelina Jolie. The special effects and stunts look awesome for this one. This movie has a nemesis that already came out Jumper. It’s basically Samuel L Jackson versus Morgan Freeman. Look at their hair.

Rambo How Old are you Sylvester Stallone?

Hellboy 2 I liked the first Hellboy, but I didn’t know that it had done well enough to make a second film.

Hancock Will Smith as a super hero need I say more?

The Dark Knight I’m expecting this to be good. Heath Ledger was apparently so scary as the joker in one scene that Michael Caine forgot his lines.

There’s also movie called Hero Wanted. Kung Fu Panda and Prince Caspian have heroes as well.


superhero movie Did they do the spoof too early? I’m sure this movie season will be spoof worthy as well. Think there’ll be a superhero movie 2? Or is that asking too much of these serialistic spoofs.

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Hey everyone,

I just saw Persepolis and I liked the way they kept the feel of the Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novels about her life in around and her experiences leaving it. It was co-directed by her so she was able to make sure the art and humor were the same and flowed the way she wanted it to, although there differences between the novels and the movie. For one there was the music that really enhanced the whole feature. It went from the eye of the tiger which is one of my favorite scenes to really hard core rock. The movie’s in French with some sprinkling of English. It’s also entirely in black in white except for the scenes that take place closer to the present.The movie managed to show that as a child that although she really didn’t understand what was going on around her that it all affected her behavior directly.

Here’s an article with some more background info on Satrapi and its correctly named Confessions of Miss Mischief. I think its awesome that she speaks six languages. I would like her to speak at commencement, but what’s the chance of a small college in Virginia getting her? We’ll probably get some weird political dude instead. I think she would be an awesome speaker. I mean she outwitted Stephen Colbert on his own show. If the college doesn’t get her to speak maybe the comix club here could find her. I wonder how much it would cost to bring her here. I doubt the club has enough money, but maybe if we worked with others we would have enough. I wonder if she would be willing to speak though. It would be awesome if she did or if I had the chance to meet her.

Well here’s a short comic of Satrapi’s preconceived notions of going to West Point, what she wanted to happen, and what actually did. I hope that if you haven’t read any of her graphic novels or seen the movie that you do. If you have then feel free to comment.


Punk is not DedA scene that was both funny and kind of scary at the same time as was much of the movie which shows that she has a great sense of humor.


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Top 5 reasons to come to our meeting this Tuesday

If you are from William and Mary and are browsing this site, we will give you top 5 reasons to come to our meeting this Tuesday at 7 pm in Washington 312.

Reason # 5 : See Great anime, Have a fun time!

You will get to see screenings of great anime and manga that we show in our meetings. We already have shown two Simpson episodes and the Final Fantasy movie. You could discover/reacquaint yourselves and have a fun time, relieving stress from killer 10 page papers for a hour or two.

Reason # 4 Fun Activities

William and MaryComix is organizing a lot of fun Activities the coming spring with conferences and cosplaying. Come to have a generally good time and see what we are all about.

Reason #3 Cookies and Candies

You will get free cookies on the desk with lots of seconds. If you are a hungry college student looking to chow some sweet chocolate, our club is the place to come.

Reason # 2 : You can be published in our upcoming Publication

Who knows, you may be a famous Satrapi or Stan Lee or Steven Ditco after getting your comics published in our magazine. Come to our meeting with your scribblings and sketches and let us help you with it!

Reason # 1: Meet lots of people and our awesome executive board!

New to campus? Want to meet people with similar interests? Come to our meetings and you would not be disappointed. Our executive board is one of the sweetest in the world ( and no, I am not saying that since I am part of it) but you would always be welcome, no matter who you are. We are small and close knit and would love to help you out with anything and everything.

So what are you waiting for?


*Pictures borrowed from the lovely artists and are not ours.

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Welcome to the newest writers of our blog

If you are new to our site, this is just a reminder that we have four people contributing to this site. I have already introduced Kagehime who wrote posts about the Melachony of Haruhi and Fruits basket. The second is Camco who intrigued you with her post for the Crim Dell Conspiracy which would be updated soon enough. The third who just recently joined us is Kogepannyanko and she would start posting somewhere near in the future. And of course, all of you know moi (Nyx) , the writer of atrociously long posts like the one on Persopolis and the Pilot series in Death Note and,you know, the rest. So please join me in welcoming the newest members of the website.



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