Heroes- Lizards by Jas

9:00- wow, why are the recaps so long? I saw this last week.

9:01- Ok, the opening scene with Pete reminds me of fight club. And if they’re in Ireland, why doesn’t anyone have an Irish accent.

9:06- hmm, I was sure Ando and Matt had met before…I guess not. And how can Claire’s family afford such a nice house/car if the Dad is a store clerk. I thought they were trying to lay low.

9:06- Ha ha, I loved heroes line “have you seen a scary white man?”why doesn’t anyone have an Irish accent?

9:11- Why doesn’t Claire just tell her whole class she has special powers. Everyone else is looking around like “Why does she keep talking about people who can heal themselves?”

9:14- Hooray! I get to practice my Spanish! Thanks Maya, Isaac, and old lady.

9:16- Finally! An Irish accent, even if it’s fake.

9:24- Is that Hiro in the costume? If so, that would be great.

9:25- It is Hiro! It is!

9:26- Ok, these scenes with Peter are boring.

9:27- Ok….never mind

9:31- Wow, her high school looks like a really cool shopping complex. And what’s with the “wipe out” music, after her car is stolen

9:36- Ok, me and my friend Jillian have just decided that the haitian is Seal’s little brother, eel.

9:38- Whoa?! What the heck is Maya’s power, crying oil? That still doesn’t explain why the people around her die.

9:52- *sniff, sniff* I can smell another action scene.

9:53- Ok, apparently my senses were wrong. But it is starting to sound like the Bourne Identity.

9:54- wow, shortest buddy journey in history.

9:55- Wow, is he the ancestor of Claire?

9:58- how did that guy get out of Haiti so fast?

9:59- Ok, that was just gross…and why is that guy always looking in her house…creepy!

10:00- Well, that’s all folks! And next week’s episode looks awesome!



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