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Uncanny resemblances in Gossip Girl – Part 1

Light in Death Note

Nathan in Gossip Girl (Chace Crawford)

I wonder who Chuck Bass resembles. Any ideas?



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Ringing Bell

Chirin no Suzu which is “Ringing Bell in English” is an 47 minute Anime from 1978 produced by the one and only Sanrio.  It’s a dark tale about revenge for children that begins with the super cuteness that sanrio brings with its name.  Think Unico and Hello Kitty.  Chirin is a lamb whose mother is killed by a wolf.  He then seeks out the wolf in order to become strong and seek revenge.  Along the way he must learn about the unfairness of life and how hard it can be.

For one, Chirin was so set on becoming a wolf that he showed his detication by following the wolf.  One example in Claymore, Clare follows Theresa  and  in turn Raki follows Clare with gratitude.  In both cases neither Clare or Thersa wanted the child tagging along, the same as with the wolf.  Eventually they develop a sort of respect for the strength, stamina, and spirit it shows to follow them around.  They then accept the follower.

Another commonality is attacking with the head.  Granted, Chirin is a sheep and has either hooves or his head to attack with, he was charging through trees.  How hard can a head be? It’s like Goku in Dragonball who defeated enemies with his hard head.  Also, like in Dragonball Z, the wolf is a strict master very much like Piccolo.

I wonder if Sanrio came out with anything nearly as dark or sad as this again.  This was truly a tragedy.  Revenge is a dangerous thing that hurts the avenger, possibly more than they were hurt at first.  Another tone in this short movie is the danger of non-conformity.  Chirin is not and never has been like the other sheep and look what happens to him.   He seeks strength (as they seem to do in every anime) and gets it but at what cost?


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Funny Christian/Sasuke pic

I found this awesome pic of Christian/Sasuke and I think it’s awesome so I decided to share it with everyone. Doesn’t Christian’s head fit so well on Sasuke? Christian’s hair looks so much like Sasuke and his face does too. Christian’s such an anime character. There are lots more out there though. I might do some mash ups myself. Any ideas?



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Prewar Japanese Cartoons

Before Anime there was:

Wartime Japanese Cartoon and no this is not Mickey Mouse

Prewar and during the war, Japanese cartoons looked very much like there American Disney counterparts.  In this 1933,  UGOKIE-KO-RI-NO-TATEHIKI(1933), and this 1943, Kumo to Chirippu,  cartoon it is easy to see Disney’s influence.  It wasn’t until the postwar when Japan really developed their own style, what we call anime.  Of course you tell its Japanese with the music, language, and content, but the art looks just like pre war Disney.  In Kumo to Churippu, or the Spider and the Tulip in English, the spider has the characters (drawn in Disney as well at this time) the exaggerated features of a black person, but I doubt the Japanese had really seen any at this point and just wanted to add those features to the spider.   These features show up later in anime, in which case at least one mangaka (Osamu Tezuka) has apologized for being ignorant of people in this way.

Here’s Disney in 1933 still in black and white.  By 1943 Disney was in color although some were still in black and white and was largely focus on war as was Japan.  Disney of course was portraying Japanese and Germans in a rather racist manner because it was during the war and propaganda’s has to happen.


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Anime hair vs. 80s hair

I’m sure everyone’s noticed the hair of anime characters.  Its often spiky, large, and has bangs.  Not to mention that the hair comes in outrageous colors. Sometimes their are buns and sometimes even afros.  Basically the crazier the hair the better.  This seems to be the theme for hair in the 80s as well (for clothes too). Come to think of it, looks a lot like Japanese fashion in some cases.

Here’s some 80s hair:

Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper

Pat BenatarPat Benatar

flock of seagulls Flock of Seagulls

Now for some anime hair:

DBZDragonball Z

sailor moonSailor Moon

tenchi MuyoTenchi Muyo

Well I showed some of the extremes of both the 80s and anime hair (although dragonball Z has notably crazier hair than shown).  Which do you think is crazier or more extreme 80s or anime hair?


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Princess Tutu

princess tutu

Princess Tutu was an anime that at first I didn’t believe I would like.  It sounded rather childish, well except for people’s comments that it was darker than it appeared. But I needed something to watch one day and I wondered what could be dark about Princess Tutu.  The name sounds like it belongs to something nice and happy, but as I watched the show everything I thought about it proved to be wrong.

It may not have the best art in an anime, which detered someone I know from watching the series, but it had awesome music from operas and ballets.  Every episode opened with the music to one. It also made me really interested in swan lake, considering that it is based off that. It also made me realize that I had not seen ballet in a long time and I kind of missed seeing it.  It of course is darker than the title would suggest and is sad like swan lake.

Here’s an amv called Hold Me that I think shows the spirit and pain of the characters and the lack of control they have over their lives. Basically its my favorite Princess Tutu Amv.  The good Swedish song helps and the timing of the video.

Watch this anime if you like romance, ballet, opera, fairy tales, magic girls, and epic battles against evil and the struggle for free will.



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Really Bad Anime


I really love anime and sometimes I even end up watching bad anime from beginning to end become I got addicted to it somehow. But there is some anime that I could barely get through the first episode. I’m sure some people would like them, but I’m definitely not a big fan of either Dai Mahou Touge or Cosprayers. I’m not even sure why I tried watching either of these. I don’t even know if they were dubbed.

In Dai mahou Touge a princess from another world must spend a year on earth in order to be able to inherit the the throne. She appears to be a cute, happy, and kind child, but in reality she is anything but. This anime really makes the viewer seem to be on drugs (not that I’ve ever tried any). There are talking vegetables that are basically shown commiting suicide and tons of bipolar and psychotic activity. Sure it sounds interesting but it was really to crazy for me and I thought I could take a lot of craziness. If you like pure craziness this is for you.

As for Cosprayers, well its basically ecci with a ridiculous plot. Sometimes that works, but not for this… A girl accidently seals away Amaterasu, the sun goddess and ends up in a different world from which she can’t return. Basically I thought it was too stupid to watch. The main girl was a bit too stupid and clumsy for me to handle. If someone could get past that its probably ok to watch.

Well that’s it for the worst anime I’ve ever watched. What’s the worst you’ve ever seen?



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