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Presidential Cartoons

Since Election Night is coming up and our two presidential candidates invest heavily in their biographies – John McCain as the wounded warrior who is a political maverick and Barack Obama as Luke Skywalker who will bring change, two comic books are produced that will deal with both their biographies since both the presidential candidates are authors (McCain’s had the help of a ghost writer). McCain’s comic is inspired from his book, the Faith of the Fathers while Obama is inspired from Dreams of his Father. I don’t know whether McCain read any comic books but Obama used to sketch Batman and Spiderman with a childhood friend named Yanto in Indonesia and was supposedly excellent at it (Imagine – Barack the cartoonist).

Here is an interpretation of McCain’s Biography.

And here’s an interpretation of Obama’s journey in Dreams.

Here is a detailed review of both books talking about both McCain and Obama. First McCain…

This comic book is jam-packed with McCain’s political life, personal life, and chronicles decades of idolizing people like Nixon and Reagan, passing legislation, working with Democrats and Republicans alike, earning a reputation for being skilled in foreign policy, becoming a national political figure, the vicious George Bush campaign headed by Karl Rove, and much more, including rebounding from two major scandals: Keating Five and his 2nd wife Cindy’s drug addiction. Ultimately, the man who was the independent rebel actually became the establishment.

Then Obama….

Barack’s childhood and adolescence is that of isolation, being unaccepted, counterculture, and searching for his identity. He had no traditional family structure. Although he went to a Muslim school in Kenya and a Christian school, he had never fully been indoctrinated into organized religion as a youngster. As an angry and hurt young man, he got involved with drugs, loud music, and not putting effort into school. But there were turning points in his life, like a stern lecture from his mother. The comic traces how he got involved in politics in Chicago, through legal work and community activism. His beliefs were formed from his influences in life, and from his ancestral African home. His influences are Martin Luther King and Malcom X.

His Senate races are detailed, along with how he just burst upon the national scene due to his two unbelievable speeches, which are covered. The Democratic Primaries are depicted, along with his defeat of Hilary Clinton.

All in all, it was a perfect sketch of the man who is Obama. He’s someone who no one would ever believe would have a chance to be president, since he was a troubled teen, and later a local community organizer, with some questionable black nationalist associates.

But he struggled and he overcame, and was an excellent student and lawyer, respected by his professors as being brilliant.

Here is another review of both the books from the Guardian Books blog.

Hope this helps!

PS: This took me a VERY long time to find. Hope you guys are thankful!




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A summer of heroes

Hey everyone,

This summer so many hero or superpower movies with a heavy emphasis on comics are coming out its ridiculous. What exactly does this say about our society? Are we in a desperate search for a hero and why? Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions I can only list the upcoming films and give a suggestion. Maybe we feel that the world is coming apart around us and we have no control over it.

Iron Man Not as popular as Spiderman or Batman. Let’s see how he does.

Indiana Jones Number 4 in the series. It has the Soviet Union (Thank goodness no Nazis) and Shia LeBouf (Hope he’s better than in Transformers)

Incredible Hulk Yet another Hulk movie I hope it’s better than the last one.

Wanted A young man is trained to be an assassin with super powers after his father his killed. His life was mundane until he meets Fox aka Angelina Jolie. The special effects and stunts look awesome for this one. This movie has a nemesis that already came out Jumper. It’s basically Samuel L Jackson versus Morgan Freeman. Look at their hair.

Rambo How Old are you Sylvester Stallone?

Hellboy 2 I liked the first Hellboy, but I didn’t know that it had done well enough to make a second film.

Hancock Will Smith as a super hero need I say more?

The Dark Knight I’m expecting this to be good. Heath Ledger was apparently so scary as the joker in one scene that Michael Caine forgot his lines.

There’s also movie called Hero Wanted. Kung Fu Panda and Prince Caspian have heroes as well.


superhero movie Did they do the spoof too early? I’m sure this movie season will be spoof worthy as well. Think there’ll be a superhero movie 2? Or is that asking too much of these serialistic spoofs.

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Funny article on why Superman Sucks…

I had always disliked Superman for varied reasons, mostly because l hated the simplistic good vs. evil framework and Superman’s omnipotent alien powers (t did not hurt that I liked Batman and Spiderman better, as well). At last, I had found something that articulates my thoughts here. An excerpt

“It almost goes without saying, but if your hero cannot possibly be killed in any instance which does not somehow involve an incredibly rare space-rock, then you’ve got one boring-ass hero. It’s sort of like watching Neo fight all the agent Smiths in The Matrix Reloaded: we know our hero can’t possibly die, and he doesn’t act like he’s in any danger whatsoever, so the entire fight is a foregone conclusion and the audience becomes bored out of their skulls.

I mean, yeah – we obviously go into most superhero stories more or less positive that the hero won’t die, but they still entertain us because the hero doesn’t know that. Spidey is always scared, even if only a little, that one of the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs will be the end of him; Daredevil is fully aware that a well-placed projectile from Bullseye could kill him. As a result, these characters act with restraint and forethought; since Superman knows nothing bad can happen to him no matter what, he acts with no such subtlety. He flies headlong into every conflict, fists thrust forward, because he knows he’s in no immediate danger. Thus, we know he’s in no immediate danger, and we get bored out of our fucking skulls.”

Again, the article is here via Sullivan.



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Old School Batman

In lieu of the new Batman coming out soon, I felt it was only right to look back at one of the greatest Batman’s of all. The 1960’s version with Adam West has become underrated in the past few decades. Thanks to the darker and more action packed movies with Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, the lighthearted days of Batman the T.V. series are gone. Of course some directors tried to pay homage to the older series in the versions with Mr. Freeze (George Clooney) and The Riddler (Val Kilmer), but sadly, those versions failed to stand up to the latter blockbusters.

What made the show so great was its light-hearted humor. There were no dark sinister villains. Batman never tried to kill the villains, only put them in prison. What made him great, was that he didn’t take himself too seriously. Instead he stayed true to the original comicbook style. If you need more evidence of the light, playful tone, check out this scene:



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Hannah Montana Stardom

Hey everyone,

I’m not a Hannah Montana fan, but I think I get the lure of the show. Look at all those crazy preteen girls going crazy over her. There has to be a reason right? I wondered about this while shopping in Wal-mart one day. There were tons of her products everywhere and her face was on the box of the frost mini-wheat cereal box that I bought. What brought this girl, Miley Cyrus to stardom?

That answer lies in this. If you could be famous without the hassle of the paparazzi wouldn’t you want to be? And to do that you would need an alter ego that the world would know while you were able to hide your true self. On the show Hannah Montana, she is able to keep her identity hidden, but to do so often leads to funny situations.

This theme occurs very often in manga, anime, and comics but to see this in live action must be very exciting to the young crowd. Secret identities are exciting and can be funny. They appear in various mangas and comics. Look at Superman, Batman, and Spider man. A superhero needs a secret identity. For manga/manwha, look at Karin (Chibi Vampire), My Girl, Charisma Doll, Claymore, Gokusen, and the list goes on.

People want a hidden identity that is exciting and special, something they know only they can do or something that can allow them to protect themselves when necessary. I suppose its why I like writing on this blog as well. I can say what I want without people knowing who I am.

Hannah Montana

Miley as Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus

Miley as herself?



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