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The book of bunny suicides

Are you a little disturbed that there is a comic called The Book of Bunny Suicides? I am, although I have to say that I did see this book before and it is kind of funny in a dark way. The bunny is trying to commit suicide and gets rather inventive with it although I don’t think he ever succeeds.  This comic  is being taken off the shelves in China in response to a high youth suicide rate but I doubt it is causing the suicide rate to go up.  I guess its just the doubt of popularizing and making suicide seem less serious along with the amount of ways that the rabbit tries killing itself that makes it seem dangerous.



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Laser Beam Cannons

Hey everyone,

Technology has really improved over the years. We now have flying laser cannons. Boeing is able to attach a laser that can shoot a hole in a tank five miles away on an airplane. China says it can control the weather and emotion reading devices are are coming soon. People are turning into half cyborgs and of course the games that are control by the mind are going to be on the market soon. A device is rumored to be coming out on the market sometime next year for about 300 dollars. It will mostly read emotions and portray them in MMRPG so that other people could read each others emotions and it may allow the player to move some objects in the game with their mind.

So where are we going? All of this stuff comes straight out of science fiction. Its stuff that are good in comics and manga. It kind of sounds like we’re headed to a Lain world with 1984esque technology. I hope we’re not headed toward thought control, because those mind devices on the computer could eventually develop the ability to know when people think differently than their supposed to and those lasers would make it easier to get people. Then if we can control the weather then we could end up in a world like The Giver. I’m not interested in living in any of these places. This technology sounds really cool and I’m really excited about some of it, but I hope it doesn’t get abused, because they could really improve things. The mind and emotion reading devices could allow people with communication problems to communicate better.


This image is from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Hopefully the outcome of developing these new technologies won’t lead to an apocalyptic environment. I would much rather have Angelic Layer. Now that would be fun.


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The Influences of Death Note

There are strange instances all over the globe of people copying Death Note or at least attempting to. Elementary school children in Korea are now writing hit lists of all the kids they don’t like. China banned Death Note, but I’m sure kids can still find the manga. As bad as it is in Asia, people in the Belgium seem even crazier about Death Note.

Some crazy person dismembered someone and then wrote watashi wa kira des , which means they mispelled desu. Watashi wa kira desu means I am Kira in Japanese, which was the name that Light used as an alias as he killed people. Now crazy people are using Death Note as a reasoning and method to kill.

In Death Note Light, the main character, is basically a bored genius who thinks he can make the world a better place by killing all the bad people in it. This idea could be appealing to people not in their right mind. This could be one reason why China does not want Death Note in the country. Another reason would just be that they do not want undue Japanese influence on their youth.

And who else seems to have been influenced by Death Note besides Korean students and crazy people? Madonna of course. Her outfit in the music video Jump which takes place in Japan looks very much like the clothes of the character, Mello.


Mello is in the picture below. Do you see any similiarities in hair and clothing style or am I just making things up?


All types of people have been influenced by Death Note. As long as you don’t try killing people or get a very pessimistic view of the world I guess its okay to be influenced by this manga. An anime, two movies, and an L spinoff with possibly more on the way has been made.



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