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Digital Disease

It’s possible to get sick in a video game and for outbreaks to happen too. I may be a little late writing about this considering it happened a few years ago, but I didn’t know about it until not too long ago. I don’t play either The Sims or World of Warcraft so the diseases that popped up in both games didn’t affect me. It’s really amazing that a disease can become a plague as it did in World of Warcraft and escape the boundaries it was supposed to be in. The same happened in The Sims when a guinea pig infected the people when it wasn’t supposed to be able to.

Now scientists are using the outbreak in World of Warcraft as a disease model. People reacted to the disease very much like they would have in real life according to scientists. They were fleeing from infected areas, saving people, and trying to spread it. Of course since it is a video game all of this was exaggerated. So if you’re thinking about being a scientists with an interest in disease and human reaction to it continue playing video games. And if anyone was affected by the corrupted blood disease please say how you responded to it. I’m rather curious.



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