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Ringing Bell

Chirin no Suzu which is “Ringing Bell in English” is an 47 minute Anime from 1978 produced by the one and only Sanrio.  It’s a dark tale about revenge for children that begins with the super cuteness that sanrio brings with its name.  Think Unico and Hello Kitty.  Chirin is a lamb whose mother is killed by a wolf.  He then seeks out the wolf in order to become strong and seek revenge.  Along the way he must learn about the unfairness of life and how hard it can be.

For one, Chirin was so set on becoming a wolf that he showed his detication by following the wolf.  One example in Claymore, Clare follows Theresa  and  in turn Raki follows Clare with gratitude.  In both cases neither Clare or Thersa wanted the child tagging along, the same as with the wolf.  Eventually they develop a sort of respect for the strength, stamina, and spirit it shows to follow them around.  They then accept the follower.

Another commonality is attacking with the head.  Granted, Chirin is a sheep and has either hooves or his head to attack with, he was charging through trees.  How hard can a head be? It’s like Goku in Dragonball who defeated enemies with his hard head.  Also, like in Dragonball Z, the wolf is a strict master very much like Piccolo.

I wonder if Sanrio came out with anything nearly as dark or sad as this again.  This was truly a tragedy.  Revenge is a dangerous thing that hurts the avenger, possibly more than they were hurt at first.  Another tone in this short movie is the danger of non-conformity.  Chirin is not and never has been like the other sheep and look what happens to him.   He seeks strength (as they seem to do in every anime) and gets it but at what cost?



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Got enough DBZ and One Piece?

Hey everyone,

Well you can always read Dragonball Z and One Piece separately. But did you know that you can read them to together as well? In Cross Epoch the mangaka of DBZ Toriyama Akira and Oda Eiichiro got togehter and combined their worlds and characters. It’s a hilarious one shot with all your favorite characters from both mangas. Enjoy this mixed up world in which Hercule is king, Bulma and Nami work together, master Roshi and Sanji cruise around in a cowboy car, and Vegeta is a pirate. And of course don’t forget Goku and Luffy.

Cross Epoch

And while you’re at it check out the DBZ parody created by Toriyama called neko majin. It’s seven chapters and is really funny. You should read it if you like DBZ or are embarrassed that you watched the entire series and want to make fun of it.


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Fathers in anime


Hey everyone,

While watching an anime have you ever wondered where the father was? Or if you know where he is like in Dragon Ball Z have noticed that they are never home? Goku was gone so much he was unaware of his second son’s existence. The father is present in Death Note but then he doesn’t really know his son does he? And the only reason he is present is because Light works alongside him. Fathers are not present in the lives of their children in anime as various as Evangelion, Last Exile, and Rave Master.

Where are the fathers in anime? Lots of times they have gone on journeys or something and are not present. Why is this? If you look at Japanese society you see that men often have to stay away from home for so long that they rarely get to see their families. Salary men, as they are called, have a long work day and then are forced to hang out afterwards with the boss at a bar or kareoke if they want to move up in the work place. This means that the man raises early and gets to home so late that he does not even get to see his family.

This is portrayed in anime with the ever absent father. Maybe the animes in which the youth is search for his father is the Mangaka’s longing to be with their father, but you never know.


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