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Cartoon Skeletons

All museums have interesting things, but some are more interesting than others.  In the natural history museum of Basel, Switzerland there was an exhibit called Animatus of skeletons of cartoon characters (It ran until August 31 so I guess its somewhere else now).   So if you walked in you would see Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry among other favorites except for they would be all bone.  This exhibit was created by the Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee.  I think its kind of cool if not just a little creepy. What do you think?




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Animated Music Videos

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Usually I would never put Linkin’ Park in the same sentence as Britney Spears, but in this case I do. Britney’s new music video, Break the Ice, is animated in a similar manner as Linkin’ Park’s Breaking the Habit. Both videos are highly influenced by anime. Britney’s video takes place in an imaginary Korean place, while Linkin’ Park’s takes place in an imaginary Japan. Of course Linkin’ Park’s video came out first so what’s with the similar title? I mean why does Britney have to break something too? I don’t think anime makes me think of breaking something.

Well Britney may have done an animated video to once again have a good figure, just not in real life. Linkin’ Park on the other hand has shown plenty of anime influences in their music videos.


animated brit

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Fight to the top

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It’s a long and hard journey to become jiang and stay there in Korean Manhwa. A jiang is a boss of a gang in Korean. Each high school (I the manhwas I’ve read anyways) have their own jiang who strive to be the lead jiang. In both Red Lion and Hot Blooded Woman the jiangs are female. Neither are the most cultured people you’ll ever meet or the smartest people on the block, but they both fight well and are actually pretty. In both manhwa all of their troubles come from the men who love them and sometimes the love is actually a perversion of love. They also manage to get with the best looking guy in the manhwa. The problem I had with both of these is that these women are supposedly strong but they are always in trouble, getting hurt, or kidnapped. Hot Blooded Woman took this to an extreme well the situation in Red Lion was more understandable but about just as unlikely.


Cover of Volume 1 Hot Blooded Woman

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I read some Manhwa not too long ago and realized how few Manhwa comes to the United States. Manhwa is not too different from Manga, except for the fact that it comes from Korea. This means that Korean instead of Japanese culture dictates what happens in the story. Also, the art styles are a little different, but for the most part it looks good. I’ve seen some that don’t, but that’s the same with Manga. I haven’t read much Manhwa myself, and I’m looking forward to reading more. So far I’ve only read Tarot Cafe, My Girl, and some of Ares.

KagehimeMy Girl

Jinny from My Girl

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The Influences of Death Note

There are strange instances all over the globe of people copying Death Note or at least attempting to. Elementary school children in Korea are now writing hit lists of all the kids they don’t like. China banned Death Note, but I’m sure kids can still find the manga. As bad as it is in Asia, people in the Belgium seem even crazier about Death Note.

Some crazy person dismembered someone and then wrote watashi wa kira des , which means they mispelled desu. Watashi wa kira desu means I am Kira in Japanese, which was the name that Light used as an alias as he killed people. Now crazy people are using Death Note as a reasoning and method to kill.

In Death Note Light, the main character, is basically a bored genius who thinks he can make the world a better place by killing all the bad people in it. This idea could be appealing to people not in their right mind. This could be one reason why China does not want Death Note in the country. Another reason would just be that they do not want undue Japanese influence on their youth.

And who else seems to have been influenced by Death Note besides Korean students and crazy people? Madonna of course. Her outfit in the music video Jump which takes place in Japan looks very much like the clothes of the character, Mello.


Mello is in the picture below. Do you see any similiarities in hair and clothing style or am I just making things up?


All types of people have been influenced by Death Note. As long as you don’t try killing people or get a very pessimistic view of the world I guess its okay to be influenced by this manga. An anime, two movies, and an L spinoff with possibly more on the way has been made.



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